Say Bye To Sleepless Nights With This New Diaper


Say Bye To Sleepless Nights With This New Diaper

What if I told you I never really had any sleepless nights with my newborn? Will you believe this? For you to believe me, I have an explanation. As a new mommy, we are so particular about our baby’s gentle skin that we always want to do our extra bit for our little one.

With elders in the house, every new mom in India is advised to not use a disposable diaper for their child (at least for the first few months). And just because, we want the best for our child, we use the cloth diapers, and then the child wakes up every now and then because of the wetness. The end result is a cranky child and then the feed-sleep-pee cycle continues all night.

But, I chose to use Pampers since day one, and trust me on this, we had fewer sleepless nights. My little one learned to sleep for longer durations because she felt dry on her nappy area. And even if she had peed, she would wake up only for her feed and then slept calmly through the night.

Despite this, somewhere in my mind there was always one thing that bothered me — what if her delicate skin felt irritated from the belt area? What if the diaper is breathable enough? After being a loyal user of the Pampers Premium Pant style diapers (the white colour pack) for almost a year and a half, when I saw the all New Pampers Premium Care Pant, I was curious to know, if it could be a better fit for my child.

So, I decided to give this new Pampers Premium Care Pants a try, and after using it on my daughter for over a week now and performing few tests on this, I have my personal opinion and would like to share a detailed review on it.

Getting started, let me first mention all the points of concern that I had with using a disposable diaper.

  1. Softness
  2. Absorption and Breathability
  3. Effect on the delicate skin
  4. Price
  5. Easily disposable

Let’s Start With The Softness

So earlier, I was using Pampers Premium Care Pants (one with white packaging). But then, as the New Pampers said #softestpampersever, I did a blind-folded test, touched and felt both diapers and voted for the New Pampers. It’s truly the softest pampers ever. It feels so soft on the belt area, on the waist and the side cuffs.

Absorption And Breathability

Now, as I said, I had less of sleepless nights because, I used Pampers Premium Care Pants, I can confidently say — “It works perfectly through the night”. Because it has air channels, which distributes the urine equally and does not collect together on one side at all. Also, this has a wetness indicator, which turns blue, when it’s time to change the diaper.

Moving further, one of the major concerns we mothers face with disposable diapers is that, we get worried about how suffocated the baby’s skin would be. So, I was wondering if there is any passage of air inside out. So, to check this, I poured some hot water in the centre of the diaper and then covered it with an empty glass, after a few seconds, I could see some water vapour and steam accumulating on the glass. This shows that the New Premium Care Pant Style diaper is breathable and your baby’s skin will not feel irritated with the diaper on.

Effect On The Delicate Skin

The New Pampers Premium Care Pants is infused with the Aloe vera lotion that is mild on babies’ delicate skin and keeps the skin moisturised for long.

Disposable Tape

So, I make sure to carry a disposable bag to dispose the diaper in the trash bin, but there are times when I skip carrying a bag, and then come the trouble. But, the new pampers premium care pants comes with a disposable tape. Now I do not have to bother about any pee or poop accidents. There is no risk of diaper opening up and smelling bad in the bin, the tape firmly holds the soiled diaper together.


Now let’s talk about the price of this diaper. While it is slightly higher than the previous ones, still I easily got it on a discounted price online. And guess what? It’s totally worth the extra price you are paying. They are the #softestpampersever and I feel like it’s the best for my baby’s delicate skin.

To sum this up, I can confidently say, pampers has come up with a fabulous product. They have made the diapering journey easier and comfortable for both the mumma and the baby. I am so happy to be a Pampers loyalist for my baby.

Also, if you have experienced a lot of sleepless nights and this helps you and your baby sleep through, please do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comment section. And if you liked what you read, then please show us some love by following us on instagram at Mamamusings.

Happy Parenting!

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