The Science Behind Holding Your Baby On The Left Hip

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Ever wondered why moms carry their babies on their left side? Do moms prefer left side to the right side or is there some kind of strong arm game that every mom plays with her left side!
As it turns out, there is a queer but exponential theory, completely backed by science that explains why this pattern occurs.

Scientific backing of left side holding behaviour

According to scientific studies, as many as 80% of women like to hold babies on their left side (1). This behavioral pattern has been observed to manifest even in small girls playing with their dolls. Earlier, it was believed that women tend to show a preference for the left side because they wished to keep their right side, free to attend to other matters. However, the research also brings forth the fact that even left handed moms tend to keep the toddler towards their left side.

As it turns out, this preference has a lot to do with the method of signalling used by our brains. Remember the time when we studied about the brain and its functions? Recall that the right side of the brain is responsible for receiving signals from the left side of the body and vice versa? Also recall the functions of the right side of the brain, which are related with focus and translating and building social relationship?

Holding the baby on the left side helps a mother to stay alert and cautious of her surroundings, thus protecting her baby from any harm around him (2). Also, she is able to build a better relationship with her baby with the aid of the right brain function. This is why the natural tendency to hold the babies on the left hip side.

Why might a baby prefer the left side of the mother?

Science has a perfect reason to say that even babies tend to prefer the mother’s left side. Babies tend to feel safer being on their mother’s left side, as it keeps them closer to her heart beat, calming their own senses.
The left brain function is responsible for development of language. Thus, when a baby is clinging on the left side of his mother, he has his right ear on her heart, helping his left brain develop and function well.

Does the father have some similar preferences?

Studies have revealed that even fathers show a preference for this left sided pattern but this habit develops in them only after they actually become a father (3), unlike women, who tend to have this preference since their childhood.

This behavioural pattern suggests that women are born with maternal instincts while fathers only get it when they become one.

Surprising to know that this minor thing in our parenthood has such a scientific backing! When you understand the science behind it, you cannot but marvel at the brilliance of nature that created us and these patterns.

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