Second Baby On The Way? Ways A Dad Can Help

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What’s the next best thing to having a baby? Having a second one!! But then becoming parents for the second time might not be anything at all like the first. For the simple reason that your first child comes into the picture now. This especially becomes difficult for the expectant mother. With a growing belly and fluctuating hormones, it’s hard for her to keep up with her motherly duties and yet have a stress-free pregnancy. However, this is when a dad can help. With some planning and understanding, the soon-to-be second-time parents can still enjoy this phase again and make it seem like a breeze. Here’s how:

Plan Leaves To Coincide With Hospital Visits

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It is probably a nightmare of a situation when an expectant mother has an important hospital visit and no one’s around to take care of the child. But the silver lining is that most hospital visits are already scheduled well in advance. Sometimes as early as 2 to 3 weeks. This gives the dad enough time to plan his work and apply for a day’s leave at his workplace. Also, the hospital visits generally require only a few hours, which means you can still make up for some of your work if working at home is an option for you.

Learn The Basics Of Childcare

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After the child is born, dads usually get drawn into their regular routines with the dad-child bonding taking a beating. This situation provides you the perfect opportunity to bond with your child again. Learn the basics of dressing up your child, brushing their teeth, or giving them some milk and cookies at the right time. For more intense activities, like bathing, support your pregnant wife when she is unable to bend or reach out for the toiletries by laying things out within reach beforehand.

Pitch In For Grocery Shopping

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Grocery shopping is probably one of those homemaker duties which can be done by either of the spouses. Start off by adding this task to your list of regular routines. You can always make it a weekend thing. Expectant mommies can give their partners a list of their requirements in advance so the dads can plan their grocery shopping according to their routine. The amount of time that a soon-to-be mommy saves from these visits can be used for pleasant evening walks with her child and spouse.

Get Your First-Born Involved

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It is extremely important to prepare your first-born for the arrival of the second one. While a mother can prepare her child emotionally, kids often emulate their dads for more practical things. So, the best thing that a dad can do is to involve the child along with him in performing some household duties to help the expectant mother. Simple activities like doing the dishes, laying out the food, or helping the child do his/her activities independently will go a long way in making your first child responsible and caring toward his/her sibling.

When You Can’t Figure Out, Call An Expert

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Talking of household duties, dads can try their hands at simple cooking during holidays and weekends. It need not be something elaborate. Things, like doing laundry or fixing a broken pipe might not come easily to some. So, in such a scenario, it is better to call an expert to save the situation from further damage. Despite your best efforts, if your child’s favorite pasta ends up pasty, don’t hesitate to order from outside once in a while. After all, it’s your effort that matters.

Having a second child is as exciting for parents as it was becoming parents for the first time. However, it need not be as cumbersome as it is usually made out to be. Also, make sure you continue with all your planning and shopping as you did for your first child since most of your newborn’s requirements will still be the same. So, don’t hold back or cut down on buying those onesies, newborn diapers, etc, or even getting your hospital bag ready. All you need to do is to accommodate your first one in your plans. The rest will then surely fall into place. Amen!

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