5 SECRETLY Annoying Things Wives Do To Their Husbands

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The relationship between a husband and wife is unique. While it takes a lot of love, understanding, and patience to make a marriage work, it is also important to handle situations with maturity. But, at times, either of the partners can behave in an immature manner. And yes, as much as we hate to admit it, this includes the wives too. So, here are a few occasions where wives can drive their husbands crazy by behaving in an immature and annoying way:

1. When ‘Nothing’ Is A Sentence

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Any husband would have understood what we mean here. It may have so happened that the wife would have got deeply hurt or offended by some action of her husband’s. And, unlike a husband who generally gives in to outbursts, she would appear to remain calm. However, this calmness is limited only to her appearance. From her curt replies, seething glares, to her body language – everything else would suggest that the husband did do something awful to hurt her. But when he asks her what the matter is, she would simply reply “nothing”, which annoys the husband to no end.

2. Turning On The Green Monster


A woman goes through a lot of bodily changes after marriage, especially after pregnancy. And it is quite understandable if it affects her self-confidence a bit. However, this low level of confidence can give way to insecurity and jealousy. In the process, she might also convince herself that her husband is cheating on her, thereby, making life hell for him with incessant questions. If ever a wife gets such feelings, it is important for her to have a heart-to-heart talk with him and offload the insecurity.

3. Interrupting A Conversation


Imagine going on a long drive with your husband where he is narrating something funny at the office or from his childhood days. And then, right in the middle of it, you’ll start a random conversation that is not even remotely connected to it. This shows that – one – you’ve not been paying enough attention. And two – you don’t care much about his feelings. It may not be true too, but it’ll certainly leave such an impression on him. It’s nice to listen to your husband once in a while. Even if you do need to interrupt, politely ask him to pause, say what you want to, and then help him start over again from where he left off. By doing so, you’ll be setting a good example for your husband to follow too.

4. “How Come You Didn’t Know?”


Men cannot read minds! Period! Often wives expect that after knowing them for so long their husbands should be able to understand them even if they do not utter a word. And no, subtle hints do not work either because men are, let’s just say, not programmed that way. Therefore, such an expectation might be too far-fetched and unfair towards the husband. Rather, it is better to follow the golden rule of “ask/tell if you expect it” which works far better with husbands.

5. Keeping Them Tied To A String


There are wives who always want to have control over their husbands and do not understand the importance of space in marriage. Of course, you are each other’s soul mates. Yet, each of you deserves to have a personal space for yourselves. So, if your husband makes plans with his buddies without your involvement, there is no reason to get upset about it. And, avoid making incessant calls just to know his whereabouts despite him sharing the details with you. This, again, shows a lack of trust in your partner. It is important to keep some flexibility in your relationship so that each of you can explore your individuality.

Do you also do any of the things mentioned above? If yes, then know that it can be pretty annoying for your husband and proves detrimental to your marriage. So, simply let go of these annoying habits and see how your husband starts valuing you even more!

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