7 Adorable Vintage Names For Your Baby Girl

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Congratulations, your baby girl is finally here! After the long awaited arrival, it’s time to pick out the perfect name for your little angel. Having trouble settling on one? Don’t worry, most parents do! Naming your baby may not be as easy as it seems. And with so many opinions and options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Figuring out a name that suits the personality and style of your baby can be tricky and you may be venturing into your family tree to find the perfect match. This is a great idea! There are a lot of old popular names that are making a comeback and we’re not surprised. Vintage names offer a charm and grace that are rarely found in newer modern ones. Not to mention that they somehow sound nostalgic and unique at the same time. The perfect combination for the perfect name.

If you’d like to look through some choice vintage names, here are 7 for you to choose from:

1. Violet


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The name Violet draws its origins from the Latin word “Viola” meaning purple. It is a traditional English name which amassed great popularity in the 20th century but is slowly coming back. Although old, this name has a fresh and vibrant feel to it. It evokes the beauty and serenity of nature. Not to mention that the color purple which signifies a sign of royalty and power. It is linked with regality and grace as well as delicacy and femininity.

2. Florence


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If you want to name your child something reminiscent of spring days and a warm Italian city, Florence is certainly the name for you. This name has a beautiful floral sound to it, which gives it a fresh, breezy feel. It was extremely popular in the early 1900’s, coming at 7th place in 1902 and has its origin in Latin. It translates to blooming or flourishing. Although the English name was popularized from the French version of Saint Florentia who was a Roman Martyr. With such a rich and interesting history, this name is high on our list.

3. Mildred


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Have you heard a lovelier name? From the year 1900 to 1930, this name was popular and was in every top 20 names list during the 3 decades. And we can see why it had such a stronghold. The name means gentle strength or mild strength. Most people know it’s short form Millie, which is a popular name to this day.

4. Mable


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The name Mable or Mabel as it is more popularly spelt was derived from the Latin name Amabilist who was a fifth-century Latin priest. It translates directly to loveable. The name originated in Medieval Times and was used widely until the 1400’s. But it made a swift return in the 1800’s. This is an ancient name rich with history and culture. Besides, we love the way it rolls off the tongue. The name is both sweet sounding and has a potent meaning.

5. Ethel


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The year 1902 was a great name for baby names. Ranking high on the list of most popular names was Ethel towering at number 9. However, this name retained its popularity and prominence for several decades. Every time we think this name is going to disappear it climbs back onto the top of the list. This is one vintage name that definitely deserves a comeback. Ethel is a name with German origins and translates directly to nobel. It can also be traced back to having Hebrew origins and means graceful and righteous. The perfect name for a kind-hearted baby girl.

6. Edna


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Edna is another cute name option for your baby. This name is spunky and youthful. The name was popular in the 1900’s but dropped drastically. However, we think it’s time to bring Edna back in style. It’s no wonder that this name sounds young and fresh, it originates from Hebrew and means rejuvenation and rebirth. If you want a name that sounds like a breath of fresh air, this is the name you’ve been looking for.

7. Isabella


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The new millennial parents may recognize this name from the popular Twilight series but this name is ancient. The name Isabella is the Spanish and Italian version of the Hebrew name Elisheba. It loosely translates to God is my oath and has been shortened to Isa which is a gender neutral option meaning Salvation of God. In its Spanish form in which the name has been adapted to Bella or Belle means beautiful. With such strong and powerful roots it’s no surprise that this name has been popular for centurie.

Finding the perfect name for your baby is a lengthy process and takes time. Enjoy playing around with these names while you deliberate what to name your little one. Is there a vintage name you love that wasn’t included in our list? Sound off in the comments section!

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