Unique Baby Boy Names

Every baby deserves a beautiful, meaningful name that suits them. And finding one is usually the first thing on a soon-to-be parent’s mind when they realize that they are going to have a baby. But then they soon realize that finding the perfect name for their baby boy isn’t as easy as they thought it would be. The names they come across are either too quirky and outdated or just too plain for their special little one. If this is your dilemma, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some unique baby names that are meaningful and out of the ordinary. Keep on reading!

1. Clarence

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If you’d like a name that has some old-timey charm but still is unique sounding and interesting, then look no further than Clarence. This name has been around for a while and can be traced back to Shakespearean times. However, the origin of this name is found in the Latin language. The name is roughly translated to ‘bright’ or ‘clear.’ The name Clarence has Irish origins as well. It was a name for someone who lived near the River Clare. This serene name is simple yet captivating. It stands out without trying too hard. So, would you pick this wonderful name for your baby boy?

2. Erasmus

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Now here’s a name we’re sure you’ve never come across before. This beautiful name originated from Greece and it means ‘beloved.’ It sounds powerful and otherworldly without seeming too unfamiliar. After all, Greek names are all the rage with celebrities like Drake naming their sons Greek names like Adonis. If you would like your baby to know that they are beloved and one of a kind, do it with a name. Would you pick Erasmus for your sweet little boy?

3. Virgil

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This name was popularized by the famous Off White designer, Virgil Abloh. However, he wasn’t the only famous person to have this name. Virgil is an ancient name that has been around for centuries. It was first put on the map by a venerated Roman poet Publius Vergilius Maro (Virgil), who is best known for his epic poem Aeneid. This name originated from Latin roots and means ‘flourishing.’ If you’d like to see your little baby boy flourish in life and have great careers like the other two people who share this name, then Virgil may be a great choice for you. This unique name has a rich history and an amazing meaning that will inspire and encourage your baby throughout their life.

4. Caius

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If you are looking for a cool sounding name that is still jubilant in nature, this may be the name for your little man. Caius is nothing but an alternative version of the Latin name Gaius which was Julius Caesar’s first name. And if being named after this historically acclaimed figure wasn’t enough, this name literally means ‘rejoice.’ If you want everyday with your little one to feel like a celebration of life or want them to have a joyful demeanor, then this name is a perfect match. Besides, who can pass up on a name that has so many vowels in it? It’s trendy and unique at the same time!

5. Dion

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You may recognise this as a famous surname popularized by the famous singer Celine Dion, but it’s also making its name as a less obvious first name nowadays. This name has Greek origins and most likely means ‘a follower of Dionysus.’ Dionysus was known to be the god of wine, festivity and theater. So, if you’re a family that loves the theater or just loves to have a good time and party, this may be the name for your little guy. This name can also be derived from another Greek word meaning ‘of Zeus’ or ‘god.’ So if Zues has always been your favorite Greek mythology character, this is a fun way to include that little titbit into a name.

6. Theron

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Theron is another ancient name with many tangled roots. It was once known as a prominent surname of Occitan origin. This was a region of Europe that consisted of parts of France, Spain and Italy. But it may also be derived from a Greek word meaning ‘hunt.’ This strong and masculine name is also rare and unfamiliar. Could this be the name for your strong baby boy?

7. Sylvan

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Sylvan is a variation on Sylvanus which is the name of the Roman God of the forests. The name Sylvan itself means ‘of the wood or forest.’ So if you’re a family that loves nature, this is a great name choice.

Naming your baby boy doesn’t have to be a stressful process. Have fun and experiment with some unique name before you find the right match for your little one!

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