She Kept A Secret From Her Family During Her Pregnancy. Their Reactions? Absolutely Priceless

What would happen if you are expecting a girl but you led everyone to believe that you are going to have a boy? Stumped? Well, so were we! But, the reaction on everyone’s faces makes it worth it! And the joy that the newborn brings is multiplied by the surprise factor.

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One woman pulled this off well. She kept her pregnancy with a girl a secret all along, until she delivered. It was easy for her to make believe she is up for a boy with six generations of males in the family anyway. Her three older children are boys. So the fourth progeny being a girl is a little unexpected (if one went by tradition, and simple probability). So as they break it to Grandma and then the rest of the family, they are just swept away with the news. The most hilarious reaction is that of Grandpa. They stick a pink bow under the baby’s cap. The doctor asks grandpa to lift the cap and look for how much hair she has. He does. “Is that a lot?” Why a pink thing for a boy? And it is jaw-droppingly hilarious.

It was quite an unexpected turn for this family last year but elsewhere in Ireland too there was seemingly a trend shift – and this time again it was a humungous surprise.

In August this year, an Irish family welcomed a baby girl in an astonishing 117 years! The May family had hadn’t given birth to a female for a little over a century. But with the arrival of Saoirse Grace May, the trend changed. Her parents Laurence and Leanne were ecstatic. “It’s terrific because we’ve gone so long without a girl in the family,” said Laurence. “There’s great excitement; everyone was delighted. We had great celebrations. We didn’t know it was going to be a girl, it was a surprise. “The main thing was that the baby was healthy, so that’s all we wanted one way or the other.”

The last female born in the May family was in 1898 with Saoirse’s great-grand aunt, Anne. Laurence confirmed this with checking the family history records. He joked, ““It could be all girls from here on in — you never know,” as he hopes the birth of a baby girl rings in a new age for the May family.

But what is the probability of having a boy or a girl baby in a family? Read on:

To have a boy after having 2 or 3 boys earlier in the family is just lore. Just as much as one might suggest you can’t make a boy because you have been making girls. But the probability has much to do with your genes (as educated denizens are now aware).

Apparently most parents’ decision to conceive again is determined by the gender of their earlier progeny. In many cultures, there is a strong desire to have sons. But yet in quite many countries there is a balanced preference to gender. And sex selection in few countries has also been criminalized. In terms of the boy and girl ratio, in the US alone, there has been a constant gender ratio of 51% males and 49% females, and the ratio remains unaltered every passing year. It turns out that the odds of having a girl after three boys are 43.6%! With two boys in the family, the probability is 47.7%. With one boy, the probability of a girl child is 50%. And although the probability of expecting a baby girl decreases with every male progeny, it goes down– by about 6.4%.

So with the given probability, having a baby girl in the family after two or three offsprings is okay, but generations of them apart does come as a surprise. It surely rings in for celebration time as in May family or elsewhere that managed to keep the girl baby a surprise for so long!

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