Shocking Pregnancy Facts And How Women React To Them

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The pregnancy process is filled with complexities, weird phenomena’s, interesting titbits, and moments that are downright cringe-y.

A few women were filmed while they reacted to various pregnancy facts and pregnancy videos. All we can say is that, thank you for the laughs! The women have hilarious comments and comparisons, which we are going to share with you! However, if you are sensitive and take offence easily, be warned, some comments aren’t the nicest.

To get you into the mood of this article, here is a quote said by one of the women who is describing a baby, “Kind of like a parasite that’s just inside you, but we choose to love it.” Now you know what to expect ;)


A woman’s uterus can expand about 500 times in size during a pregnancy.


“500 TIMES?!” Honestly though, we understand her reaction because how does one even imagine such a thing?

One woman said “I thought my uterus was a size of A basketball…so 500 basketballs?”and ended the statement with awkward laughter, which seemed more like nervous laughter in our opinion!

“What else can you fit up there?”Valid question, because it really is a mystery.


In addition to her uterus, a woman’s feet and heart could increase in size during pregnancy.


“It’s because we’re filled with loooove.” At least we have one positive comment!

“Big feet, big heart – it should be a slogan for pregnancy.”

“I already have big feet…” Poor girl.


From the second trimester onwards, babies pee in the uterus, then they drink it, then they pee again, then they drink it.


“Ohhhhgrosssss” and “Babies are gross” definitely means not all women find babies adorable.

“Babies are basically like fish in the uterus.” This is one comparison we haven’t heard before.

“This confirms my theory that everyone was once an alien!”Uh…no comment. Anyone else agrees?


The changes of a woman’s body during pregnancy: how it looks from the outside and what happens on the inside.


“Why are your organs getting smushed?” By smushed she means squashed together.

“How do you breathe?” It most certainly is a mystery as to how pregnant women breathe.

“Are the intestines supposed to reshape like spaghetti? Again, one more comparison we have never heard before.

“This is why you poop and pee all the time” Bingo!

“Generally awful and uncomfortable” Well, we know she’s not excited about getting pregnant.

“Don’t touch them! Do you know what’s going on inside? There’s a war zone in there!” This may or may not be our favourite reaction.

“Thank your mother for moving her organs out of the way.” That’s a weird way to thank moms.


How a baby’s face is formed in the womb.


“This is like a monster being created” Well, that’s a little harsh.

“WHAAAAT?” and “What in the hell?” were a common reaction.

“We look like little pigs at first.” We’re not sure if this is an insult or not.

“Oh my gosh, it looks like E.T!” Again, insult or not? Although we do love E.T!

With a solemn face, one woman said, “I shouldn’t know these things. Somethings should remain a secret.”

“It looks freaking weird” That’s one way to describe a baby’s developing face.

Their Final Thoughts:

“I still want kids, I don’t know why!”

“I feel good about my decision of not having kids for another 10 years.” She’ll come around. Or not.

“Babies are ugly out of the womb and inside” and “Sorry about your ugly baby” are two mean, but also hilarious comments.

Finally, “Thanks moms!” is something we would all like to say to our mothers and all the mothers out there! For those of you who have the same or similar reactions, don’t feel guilty, we were kind of in the same state of mind!

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