Baby Girl Names With Five Letters Or Fewer

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Congratulations if you’ve just given birth to your little princess! Quite obviously, you might be excited about this beautiful moment, which, of course, calls for a celebration. Just like most new parents who want nothing but the best for their bundle of joy, you too feel the same. And, this includes choosing the right name for your baby girl. In fact, a lot of suggestions would have already started pouring in by now. However, if you prefer something that is easy on the lips yet sounds sweet and cute with a great meaning, then we’ve probably got what you are looking for. Here’s a list of baby girl names which are of just five or fewer letters:

1. Aashi: Smile, Joy, Laughter, Blessing

Your daughter is definitely the joy of your life and the one to bring a smile on your face. So, this name is completely apt for her.

2. Aiza – Noble, Respected

This sweet and short name of Arabic origin has a wonderful meaning too, just what you need for your baby girl.

3. Abha – Glow, Shine

Isn’t the glow on your little one’s face the best thing you’ve seen in a while? Then choose a name that complements it!

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4. Cara – Beloved

This name of Latin origin rightly describes your feelings for your daughter who is obviously the beloved of everyone in your family.

5. Dhun – Tune

The sweet sound of a beautiful tune! This name has the potential to mesmerize you from the moment you hear it.

6. Eva – Life, Living One

Meaning life in Hebrew and Latin, this name not only has a beautiful meaning but is short and cute (just like your daughter).

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7. Fenna – Guardian Of Peace

Originating from Dutch, this name gives you a feeling of a super-girl with superpowers. Go for it for your little power puff girl!

8. Faza – Spring, Bloom

Your little daughter is definitely the spring of your life, someone who’ll be there for you in your autumn years. And this beautiful name surely belongs to her.

9. Hiba – Gift Of God, Wise

Remember those times when you prayed for the well-being of your little one all through the pregnancy? Now that she’s here, it’ll surely feel like she’s a “gift from God”.

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10. Idha – Intelligence

With you as her mom and dad, isn’t it obvious that your daughter too would be intelligent? This name will certainly be a great fit for her intelligent personality.

11. Kaira – Peaceful, Unique

This name originates from the Scandinavian language and epitomizes peace and uniqueness, things that your daughter probably imbibes already.

12. Meeza – Crescent Moon

The ethereal crescent moon that’s been a muse for poets and artists for its beauty is what this name means in Urdu. Isn’t this poetic name apt for your beautiful daughter?

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13. Rohi – Soul, A Flower

Call her the soul of your life or the flower of your family, either way, this name suits your daughter perfectly!

14. Ruya – Vision, Dream

She’s the vision of your life. A dream that came true. This name of Arabic origin perfectly describes your little fairy’s place in your life!

15. Zuha – Morning Star

Another beautiful name of Arabic origin, this easy-to-pronounce name has an excellent meaning too. The morning star is also referred to the brightest planet Venus!

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16. Zyva – Brightness

Although this name originates in Arabic, where it means brightness, it also has a similar meaning in the Hawaiian language where it means radiant. This name is already popular due to a famous Indian captain’s daughter. However, it can be spelled differently with the meaning remaining the same.

So, here we are! We’ve shared with you the best possible short and easy names for your little angel. Having said this, we know one thing for sure. No matter what name you choose for your baby girl, it’ll definitely be the best for her!

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