Shriya Saran Says Her Baby Girl Is Nine-Months-Old, And We Are Overjoyed!

It’s hard to miss what’s going on in the lives of celebrities. From who they’re meeting for brunch to what’s cooking for dinner, we’re always in on what’s happening with them. So, when one of our favorites, Shriya Saran, announced that she’s a mother of a nine-month-old, we were positively stunned. We’re also overjoyed for her and collectively agree that we wish the best for her and her little bundle of joy! Shriya definitely mastered the art of keeping her personal life under wraps (as it should be since it is her choice) — none of us knew she had a nine-month-old baby, but that’s not all…we didn’t even know she was in the family way!

Shriya chose her social media handles to share the great news with her fans. She put up an adorable video where we can see the entire family — Shriya, Andrei Koscheev (her husband), and their nine-month-old baby girl. In addition to sharing the video with us, the actress also shared a picture of herself during her pregnancy. She was seen flaunting her baby bump, and she looked gorgeous!

The year 2020 was a rollercoaster for most of us, with the global pandemic and a lockdown. Although a tough year, it turned out to be a blessing for some, and Shriya was one of those who can look back fondly. She opened up about how it was a crazy year for her, but also one of the most beautiful. She spoke about how her world was turned upside down with the arrival of her little one. Despite all the hardship and turmoil that one is bound to face during a lockdown, the new mother also had her share of learning, excitement, and adventure. She went on to say that her baby is an angel, and she is so very grateful to God for blessing her with a lovely baby girl.

Image: shriya_saran / Instagram

So, does the little princess have a name? Of course, she does! Shriya has named her daughter Radha — a name as beautiful as the baby girl herself. The actress has said that Radha was born on the eleventh of October in the year 2020 in Barcelona. The little one has traveled quite a bit since then. Both Shriya and her husband were planning to have a baby, but little did they know that a lockdown was going to hit them. Thankfully, though, her pregnancy was smooth, and she didn’t have to face any unforeseen complications. She also said that she had a normal delivery. Although the pandemic caused a lot of uncertainty for most, the actress revealed that both she and her husband decided that this was the best time for them to make their family a little bigger.

Image: TOI

The pandemic has worked differently for people. For some, the news of their pregnancy filled them with dread and anxiety. It’s not easy having a baby when the whole world is struggling with a deadly disease. Doctors around the globe are neck-deep with work, and we can all admit that during the initial days of lockdown, most people found it challenging to get so much as a consultation. On the flip side, a lot of people got to spend quality time with their loved ones. With offices being shut down, most of us are working from home, so when your office space is just in the next room, it becomes easy to take a break just to check on your loved ones. Previously, thanks to work, a lot of working parents missed out on the first milestones of their children. With lockdown being imposed, however, dads and moms got to witness every special moment of their children. Shriya spoke about this and shared her joy about how they got to be cocooned in their own homes, taking care of their baby and each other.

Image: shriya_saran / Instagram

A few days back, the actress and her husband, along with their new arrival, were spotted on their evening walk in Mumbai. Shriya has kept her personal life to herself — her marriage, too, was a private affair that was attended by close family and friends. She married Andrei Koscheev in 2018 and went on to say that she prefers to keep her private life quiet because she spends so much time in the limelight that it can get overwhelming. It is true — celebrities are subjected to constant scrutiny, and for them, privacy truly is a luxury.

We can’t be happier for Shriya Saran and Andrei Koscheev. The new parents look so glad, and their little angel is definitely a cute bundle of joy! We hope the best for the family and can’t wait for the new mommy to grace us with more pics of her angel! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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