5 Signs Mom Is Overfeeding The Baby

5 Signs Mom Is Overfeeding The Baby

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While feeding seems really simple, it can become a pretty stressful time for a new parent. Especially if you haven’t looked after a newborn for some time now. You might have plenty of unanswered questions running through your mind. When it comes to feeding, new parents might wonder about whether they are overfeeding the little one or haven’t been feeding enough. As we all know, either one of the two can harm the baby’s well-being. What makes it even harder is that a newborn can’t express whether or not he/she is full. So, to help you out, we bring you signs that you can look out for to know if your little one is being overfed:

1. The Weight Gain Is Noticeable

The Weight Gain Is Noticeable

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We know that this one is a bit anecdotal. However, if a mother notices that the weight gain is more than what is normally expected, chances are that the little one is being overfed. In case you observe that the weight gain is such that there are chances of obesity at an older age, you might need to be on an alert (1). Subsequent obesity from overfeeding might also put the baby at risk for diabetes when he/she is older. So, the best thing to do for a mom is to keep a track on the weight progress of her little one.

2. Stomach Issues

Stomach Issues

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If the newborns end up overfeeding, they are more likely to suffer from stomach problems. Exactly like grownups are bound to. This stomach issue might be anything from stomach cramps to loose motions. And, all these disorders can cause a lot of discomfort to the newborns. And, it can cause severe pains too. Usually, the babies having tummy issues might cry because of the pain. Or, they might even sit in the ‘poop’ like position even if they don’t actually have to go to the toilet. Just go to your little one’s pediatrician immediately if you notice something odd. He/she will let you know whether or not the behavior is normal.

3. Have Difficulty Sleeping

Have Difficulty Sleeping

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If you observe that the little one is facing difficulty in sleeping or having a disturbed sleep, it might be because he/she is overfed or full. But, this one needs to be accompanied with other symptoms to be sure it is the actual reason for sleepless nights. There can be other reasons that could be causing sleep disturbances like hunger or a diaper call. So, look out for other signs simultaneously too.

4. Fussy Mood

Fussy Mood

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Of course, babies do cry. But, a mother will always recognize if the crying and fussiness are more than the usual. Newborns who are overfed generally tend to become more irritable and fussier than normal. But this irritability is primarily due to the baby being in pain. Since they can’t express to you verbally, they cry to express their discomfort. So, listen to your little ones’ cues to understand when they are not feeling so good.

5. Diaper Becomes Dirty Soon

Diaper Becomes Dirty Soon

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It is said that the babies who are being overfed generally tend to urinate more frequently and their diapers are more wet than usual. By this, it means that the diapers become almost soaked. After the babies become three months of age, it might be a sign of overfeeding if you see over eight of these soaked diapers. But, it might be much harder to do the same with a newborn since they tend to urinate more frequently in general. But, it’s better if you try to figure out what your little one’s usual routine is. And, then, it’ll be easier to determine if the diapers are wetter than normal.

We understand that determining whether or not your little one is eating right can be pretty stressful. But, now you know the signs to look out for to understand if you are overfeeding your baby. Just look out for those signs. And, if you notice something odd, please consult your doctor immediately. Good luck!

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