8 Signs That You Are Going Into Labor For Sure

Going Into Labor For Sure

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As you may know, there are plenty of signs that tell you if you’re going into labour. It may differ from one to another but several signs are common in all pregnancies. Good, bad, weird and just plain bizarre – keep reading if you want to know what the major labour signs are!

For your knowledge, keep this basic timeline in mind: at the stage of week 37 in pregnancy, your baby is considered as “term” which means you can begin to give birth. However, at week 40 is when your baby is considered as “full-term”, which means you should be giving birth right about now. That being said, it’s completely normal for the baby to be born even in week 42. You’re officially in the homestretch, so patience is key!

Now that you’re in the weeks of term or full-term, let’s take a look at all the signs your body may be giving you to indicate that you might be going into labour, either now or in a few days. However, don’t freak out if you don’t have the exact same ones as other women. If you are really worried we recommend making an appointment with your doctor for advice.

Here are the common labour signs:

1. Acne breakouts:

As you know, your hormone levels increase during pregnancy, which can result in an acne break out in the days leading up to labour.

2. Absolutely nothing?!

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but some women actually don’t feel any signs right before labour begins! Apart from their first contractions, they don’t really feel much. However, it could also mean that that the signs are very slight or maybe even confused with other signs you may not have noticed.

3. An aching back:

A common fact during pregnancy is back pain. When you’re getting a back pain it could mean that you’re getting contractions, given that your labour date is nearby. If not, it could mean that you’re getting pain because of the weight gain and pressure your baby is putting on your body.

4. Increased blood pressure:

During the last couple of days that lead up to labour, you may experience an increase in your blood pressure. If your due date is still not near enough, then you may want to visit your doctor as high blood pressure could be an indication of other pregnancy problems.

5. A little bloody:

A good way to know if labour is around the corner, or even a couple of weeks away is that when you go to the toilet and clean yourself, you will probably have a reddish brown discharge of blood. So if you do experience this, don’t worry because it’s a good sign!

6. Cranky mommy-to-be:

It’s no secret that a pregnant woman’s hormones are all over the place, resulting in bizarre mood swings. In the days or hours before labour, women become extra cranky or moody. So if you’re feeling unusually grumpy, you know what’s happening!

7. Toilet problems:

We hate to break it to you, but you most likely will have diarrhoea! On the bright side, it’s a common sign that you will go into labour soon. Your body prepares for birth by cleaning itself hence the diarrhoea.

8. Easy breathing

Once the baby moves down the birth canal, you will find it easier to breathe as the pressure on your organs ease up. You’ll also find that your chest will feel more comfortable.

Just remember each woman may have different signs, so use this simply as a guideline.

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