Signs That Your Marriage Is Getting Toxic

Signs That Your Marriage Is Getting Toxic

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The word “toxic” to define a marriage can give anyone shivers. Usually, a union like a wedding brings a lot of joy and happiness to a person’s life. Unfortunately, at times, this isn’t the case. While a happy marriage can lead to a better physical as well as psychological health, a toxic marriage can do the exact opposite.

However, for obvious reasons, we try and avoid the fact that our marriage might have any problem at all. We can be blinded by our idea of love, and thus, ignore any negativity that might exist between us and our partner. Here, we bring you a list of signs that you can look out for to determine whether or not your marriage might be toxic:

1. You Keep Blaming Each Other All The Time

This one is quite important, so pay close attention. Is your partner scrutinizing every small detail of your life – be it every word you utter or every small thing you do? Are these observations frequently turning into full-fledged accusations? Does it seem more like an attack than a constructive feedback? If you feel that your partner will never be satisfied no matter what you do, it is time to get alert. You immediately need to have one hard look at how your marriage is shaping up to be.

2. You Are Not Honest With Your Closed Ones About Your Marriage

You Are Not Honest With Your Closed Ones About Your Marriage

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Yes, there are many things in every household that one does not want to discuss with outsiders. However, if the problems are persistent and everyone around can notice it, then still choosing to keep it a secret can be a sign of trouble! There are times when you might avoid speaking about it because you want to evade the truth. But, the reality never goes away just because you wish to. In fact, it always comes back and can even hit you harder than before. So, it might be the time to start expressing about the issues you are facing. They can help you out too! You can always choose to take it slow – one step at a time.

3. You Don’t Have Any Physical Intimacy

Love-making is essential to keep a relationship alive. It makes you feel more emotionally connected with your partner. If you are losing that spark with your husband and do not feel any affection whatsoever, the physical intimacy also takes a hit. Gradually, even a simple physical expression of love such as a kiss or a hug seems like a task. And, that is not a good sign.

4. You Find Yourself Crying Too Often

You Find Yourself Crying Too Often

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If you feel dull and gloomy all the time, even the slightest setback can make you frustrated. More often than not, it results in a bucketful of tears. This means that something is going really wrong somewhere. Don’t ignore signs like consistent insomnia or absent-mindedness while doing simple tasks like driving. Your tears are a clear indication that you cannot avoid your subconscious feelings anymore!

5. The Thought Of Leaving Him Keeps Crossing Your Mind

You can’t budge from the thought of leaving him, and you find yourself constantly weighing the pros and cons of the same. If breaking the shackles of the institution keeping you both together is a recurrent thought, you need to step back and reevaluate your relationship. Yes, as humans, we are instinctively inclined to run away each time a fight happens. But, fantasizing about ending your marriage is a clear-cut signal to dig deeper!

6. You Crave Solitude, All The Time!

You Crave Solitude, All The Time!

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You are trying to run away from all your relatives and close friends. Any party invitation or social get together that comes your way is a complete “NO”. In fact, you don’t even spend time contemplating your answer. That is your immediate response to any social gathering. You need to rethink as there is a thin line between “me-time” and a “total shut-out”. You might be depressed because of which you are pushing everyone away!

No marriage is perfect, and each one comes with its own share of lows and highs. These signs can help you figure out things, for better. Every relationship takes work. And, taking appropriate measures at the right time can make all the difference!

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