Relationship Advice: 6 Signs That You're Equal In The Relationship

Relationship Advice

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You are naive if you think a relationship can strive just on the basis of love. While we all love listening to the Beatles hit, All You Need Is Love, some time’s that’s not enough. A lot more goes into a relationship to make it work; to make it last. For starters, it’s important to have mutual trust and respect in a relationship so that it doesn’t crumble in the long run. And unlike before, women today are starting to realize that they don’t have to stick to the age-old ways to make a relationship work. Instead of sticking to traditional gender roles, both men and women are making an honest effort to build an equal relationship. And for that, both the partners in a relationship must be valued and considered as equals. If you are wondering whether you are in a truly equal relationship, continue reading to find out as we list down the 6 signs that indicate if you are equal in the relationship.

1. He Takes The Effort To Make You Happy In Bed

He Takes The Effort To Make You Happy In Bed

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It’s common knowledge that women take more time to climax than men. If your partner finds ways to satisfy you in bed, he definitely considers you equal in the relationship. But if he dozes off in bed, maybe its time to remind him that intimacy is a two-way street. Also, if your partner understands your shifting desires and gives you space when you don’t feel like engaging in lovemaking and foreplay, he is definitely the one for keeps.

2. He Listens To You During An Argument

He Listens To You During An Argument

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Does your partner listen to you during an argument? Does he give you the opportunity to speak your mind? When a person considers you as equal, they will allow you to talk and make your point even during a fight or a debate. A conversation should go both ways instead of just one person sharing their opinions and views.

3. He Is Supportive Towards Your Career

He Is Supportive Towards Your Career

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If your partner supports your career choices and encourages you every step of the way, you are in an equal relationship. A partner who supports your choice of going to the office every day instead of being a stay at home mom and who understands the concept of prioritizing your career definitely values you as a person and in the relationship.

4. He Considers Your Opinion While Making Decisions

Considers Your Opinion While Making Decisions

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When you are in a relationship, any decision that has to be taken both big and small should be consulted with your partner. And no, we aren’t talking about the list of grocery shopping. Both you and your partner should have equal say if you are planning to buy a car or make a banking investment. Even a tiny decision such as choosing the color of the car should be consulted with your partner instead of doing it on your own. Bottom line – anything that impacts your lives both financial and otherwise should be made mutually.

5. You Both Share The House Chores And Responsibilities In A Fair Way

You Both Share The House Chores And Responsibilities

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Either you cook and he cleans or vice versa. Nobody ever said that it’s the woman’s role to cook and the man’s role to earn money and handle the finances. But if you both share equal responsibilities and duties in running a household, you are in a relationship of equals.

6. He Appreciates You

He Appreciates You

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Is he your biggest cheerleader? Does he appreciate you in front of others? Instead of trying to put you down in front of his friends, if he is all praises about you, he definitely values you in the relationship. It also goes to show how much he loves you.

If your partner checks all the above points, consider yourself lucky. Your partner considers you as an equal in the relationship and he definitely values your presence.

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