6 Signs You Have A Great Husband

Whenever one thinks of marriage, a picture-perfect image comes to one’s mind. However, it is not as dreamy as one imagines it to be! If you think marriage is easy-breezy, then you are surely not married. Your partner can’t really be “perfect”, the same way you cannot be either. Every person comes with their own set of baggage, which you gradually learn to accept. And, that happens only if you truly love them!

Here, we bring you a checklist of sorts. If your man ticks off most of these points, he is perhaps as perfect as one can get. Don’t let him go! So, here it goes:

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1. He Takes Out Time For You

Yes, both of you must be busy with your respective professional as well as personal lives. You are lucky if both your worlds coincide. But, that’s hardly ever the case! If you lead different lives, it can become a challenge to take out time for each other. However, if your husband goes out of his way to ensure that you spend some quality time together, you are good to go! Remember to appreciate this gesture and never take this for granted. In fact, reciprocate this to ensure many more wonderful moments with each other!

2. You Are Always His Priority

You Are Always His Priority

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In a time and age where it is pretty easy to get distracted, you are lucky if your better half recognizes your importance in his life. Not only this, he also ensures that you feel treasured. Yes, it is difficult to do so all the time. With work and social commitments, maintaining a balance can become tricky. But, barring the situations where your loved one has no choice, you are blessed if you are his “Number 1” priority. Value it!

3. He Treats You Like An Equal

In a mostly patriarchal setup where men are shown more importance as compared to women, finding a partner who treats you as an equal is not so easy. However, no one should be looked down upon just for being a woman. So, if you have a man who doesn’t make you feel inferior and respects your individuality, you have hit the jackpot! The lesser gender-related responsibilities there are, the stronger a relationship is!

4. There Is Always Something To Learn From Him

There Is Always Something To Learn From Him

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No matter how long you have been together, you still find yourself learning something or the other from him, every day! Of course, there are certain fields that he excels in. Rather than feeling inferior, take this as an opportunity to learn from him. In fact, you will mostly find him getting enthusiastic about this idea too. If he teaches you without judging you for knowing less, then you are in amazing hands! And, as an added bonus, you get to spend more time with him as well!

5. Doesn’t Mind Accepting His Mistakes

Humans, in general, find it really hard to own up to their mistakes. But, if your significant other doesn’t have any qualms about accepting his mistake and is also ready to work on it, he genuinely loves you! Yes, all those bad habits won’t go away in a day. Such things take a lot of time and willpower. So, appreciate your partner’s efforts if he does it for you!

6. Communication


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Many people are not comfortable opening up about their emotions and feelings. But, this is essential for a relationship. An honest communication is quite important to keep the relationship healthy. It is alright if your partner is not a natural at it. But, if he does make an effort to express himself in front of you, you can rest assured! Also, ensure that the communication is not one-sided. He should listen to you the same way you hear him out too!

As we mentioned earlier, no one is “perfect”. But, if you were happily nodding throughout, your husband is pretty “close”. Also, don’t get hassled if that wasn’t the case. Every relationship requires work. So, do the needful and you will be there in no time!

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