7 Signs Your Baby is Happy and Healthy

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Have you ever wondered if your baby is happy, sad, or satisfied? Yes, it’s a bit tricky to determine this because babies cannot emote unlike adults. Their behaviors, gestures, facial cues, and habits are generally regarded as indicators of their feelings such as happiness, pain, or sleeplessness. Babies develop the capability to express positive emotions a little later, so it becomes difficult to understand their feelings.

It isn’t easy to keep guessing, which is why here are seven definite signs that will make you understand that your baby is happy.

1. You Know How to Pacify Him When He is Crying:

Babies may cry if they are hungry, sad, in pain, want to be held, are being fussy or, might need a diaper change. You are the only one who can feel his agony in the given scenarios. He only gets pacified when you embrace him or pat him softly as he feels secure and happy in your presence. Babies feels most comfortable and calm when they are with their mothers.

2. Baby Settles Down In Your Arms:

When the baby smiles when you hold him in your arms, believe me, they love it. If your tiny bud cosies in your arms without arching his back, it is an awesome sign. They love it when you respond to their cries, feed them, and also lull them to sleep. And why would they not be? Mother’s love is priceless.

3. Baby Stays Engaged:

When you are too busy and place one of her favorite toys in the cradle, and she silently plays with it, admire her! Her happiness will translate into your happiness. Small and tiny activities that hold her attention such as a song being played, or the baby turning over towards a sound, her interaction with a toy, all of these are signs of her development and how she loves learning.

4. Baby Smiles at You:

This is a master signal your baby can give you. Newborn babies smile when they are comfortable like when they dream about something. They also smile if you smile at them, cuddle them, or lift them more often. So next time when they smile at you, know that they are really happy.

5. Baby Giggles and Laughs:

As the baby grows, his little smiles transform into giggles and laughs. He makes sounds while giggling and laughs harder when someone tickles him or makes funny faces or noises. This is an exquisite sign and a habit that babies cultivate. The more a baby laughs, the happier he grows up to be.

6. Baby talks to you:

When the baby finds ways to interact with you, it’s the best way to know that you make him happy. The baby tends to look at the mother and responds in baby voices. He tries to express himself as well as he can, and the ga-ga and bo-bo are simply adorable. The tone of his voice is enough to cheer you up for the day. As you listen to him, your baby would love the feeling and understand that someone is paying him attention.

7. Baby Cherishes His Favourite Food:

If your baby loves the food and is in the pink of his health, then he is happy. Babies get addicted to certain tastes, and when they eat something they like, they tend to smile. They might just hold your hand to feed them more. What could feel better than a baby enjoying his meal?

As your baby grows into a toddler, he will learn to express himself better. And he would be very vocal about his happiness. As of now, enjoy watching him smile and giggle. How many signs of a happy baby could you find n your little one? Tell us below!

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