5 Signs You’re Doing An Outstanding Job As A Parent

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All parents try to be good parents to their children. Some parents are stricter than others and all parents have different parenting styles they subscribe to. But whatever the case may be, parenting is a demanding and oftentimes difficult job. Most parents feel pressure from society, family members and friends to always do or say the right thing, the failure of which can lead to feelings of shame, guilt and thinking you’re a “bad” parent. But is this really true? Nowadays most parents put in the time and energy to create real, long-lasting bonds with their kids. They invest in their children’s happiness in order to ensure that they develop into happy and competent individuals. Here are 5 signs that you are killing the parenting game and have nothing to worry about!

1. Communication Is Always A Two Way Street

Communication Is Always A Two Way Street

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It is crucial to have open conversations with your child. One of the simplest and meaningful ways you can start a conversation is by simply holding eye contact with them and asking them what’s on their mind. Indicate that you are listening to them and ask them follow up questions. Let them know that you take a genuine interest in what they have to say.

Another way you know you’re a good parent is if your kid comes to you with their problems. Because this essentially means that they trust you with them. They see you as someone who will listen to them and support them. If you make your child feel safe and help them understand that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as they are willing to learn from them, you’re doing a great job!

2. You Can Say You’re Sorry

You Can Say You’re Sorry

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Humility is a great value to teach your child. And what better way to teach than to show? Everyone makes mistakes occasionally and parents are not exempt from this universal truth. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just mess up. Maybe you said something hurtful unintentionally or lost your cool and yelled at the kids, whatever the case may be, saying sorry helps. Apologizing to your child will help them learn how to put their own pride and differences to the side. Good parents know that their children will only respect them more for being real and open with them. And remember, a person who can admit to their weaknesses is a strong person!

3. You Dream With Your Child

You Dream With Your Child

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Validating your kid’s dreams and ambitions is very important. Encourage their vision and their perseverance. Be curious about their goals and help them formulate a plan on how to achieve it. Get excited with them instead of being cynical and pessimistic about their interests. Good parents show support for their child’s talents and hobbies. This could be a major factor in the future success of your child.

4. You Know When To Stand Behind Your Child

You Know When To Stand Behind Your Child

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It is your duty as a parent to protect your child from any potential harm. And this means that you must trust and believe your child when they say something is wrong. Standing up for your kids is extremely important. If your child is open and honest with you, you have no reason to doubt their word. When you’re in a situation where the teacher says your child has been misbehaving, ask your child about their perspective before you start yelling at them. You may find that it was a misunderstanding or that your child is stuck in a situation that requires your help. It’s okay to take a step back when your child wants to resolve conflict by themselves but if they come to you with a problem, advocate for them.

5. You Take Up The Role Of The First Teacher

You Take Up The Role Of The First Teacher

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A parent is a child’s first teacher. You have the important job of teaching them their first word, their values and beliefs, good habits and socially appropriate behaviors. They learn about their surroundings through you. It is your job to foster their love of experiences, creativity and imagination. Read story books to them and teach them songs and rhymes. Take them to different places like parks, theme parks or classes so they can interact with different environments and people. Good parents take their job as an educator seriously. This doesn’t mean they always know what’s right for their kids but they do know what to expose them to in order to help them develop into well rounded human beings.

Parenting may not be a piece of cake but you sure can make it look like a cake walk. It’s time to cut yourself some slack and relax. You are doing the best you can and that’s all that matters. Is there something we missed out on? Let us know in the comments. Happy parenting!

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