Simple And Effective Ways To Bring Down Fever In Kids

Kids bring a lot of joy in their parents’ lives when they are totally in their elements, actively jumping and playing around happily. But most parents dread the moment when their kids fall ill. And if they happen to be down with a fever, then it gives them sleepless nights, quite literally. However, before you could reach for that bottle of fever-reducing medication or antibiotics, you need to know a few facts about fever. Fever is not a disease but a symptom, probably to an infection or underlying disease. And, if it is of a mild intensity, then it can be effectively brought down without the use of medications. Here’s how:

1. Grated Potato

Yes, you read that right. The good old potato helps in reducing fever apart from providing nutrition. Peel and grate a small potato. Place these gratings inside your kid’s socks and put them on his feet. You can see the difference in a matter of few minutes as your kid’s fever reduces.

2. Wet Washcloth Therapy

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Remember the time when our mothers would put a wet washcloth on our foreheads whenever we had a fever? This simple yet reliable therapy has been practiced for ages, which itself speaks for its effectiveness. Dip a clean washcloth in tepid water, squeeze out the excess water, and place it on your child’s forehead when he/she is resting or sleeping. The fever will reduce in no time.

3. Water And Brandy Combination

Years ago, brandy was prescribed for fever or other illnesses. It may not be prescribed anymore, but it can be used externally to reduce fever in kids. Mix water and brandy in equal proportions in a bowl and dip a piece of gauze in it. Once the gauze has soaked in the mixture, remove, squeeze out excess liquid, and then place it in your child’s socks. It will gradually reduce your child’s fever.

4. Lukewarm Bath

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Sometimes, a bath in lukewarm water helps reduce the fever immediately. Children generally grow restless and irritable when they are down with a fever. A bath will not only help bring down the temperature but will also help them to relax and sleep soundly. However, make sure you do not use cold water. Cold water could cause shivers, which in turn increases the body temperature. Whereas lukewarm water evaporates easily and leaves a calming effect as well.

While these suggestions will definitely help you alleviate your kid’s fever without medications, you need to ensure you follow some basic fever care thumb rules to quicken fever reduction.

1. Nutritious Food

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Even when the temperature comes down, your child is bound to feel weak. It’s important to provide nutritious food like fresh fruits or soups to your child. This will provide the necessary nourishment to them. However, avoid oily or fatty foods when your child is sick.

2. Regular Temperature Checks

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Even though your child’s temperature reduces after following the above steps, you’ll need to constantly check his/her temperature at regular intervals. Generally, fever tends to return after every 4-5 hours, in which case you’ll need to follow the suggested steps again until you are sure that the temperature isn’t spiking anymore. Fever could sometimes take 3 to 4 continuous days to subside completely.

These fever-reducing and fever-care suggestions should be sufficient to help reduce a mild fever. However, if your child’s fever continues to increase to the extent of resulting in seizures; your child has an infectious swelling; is overtly drowsy or inactive, or shows any unusual signs, make sure to visit the doctor immediately. Since fever is a symptom of an underlying disease or infection, your doctor will perform the necessary tests to ascertain the cause of fever and provide treatment accordingly.

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