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Three-year-old Sara jumps in joy when she sees a piggy on TV. She breaks into a song, one that her mother can’t quite understand. As Sara continues to sing adorably in broken words and tune, her mother realizes that it’s the new rhyme she has learnt at school.

Do you know why they teach kids to sing rhymes (besides the fact that toddlers are oh-so-adorable when they sing)?

Well, there is a good reason for that. Studies have shown that nursery rhymes help children improve their phonic skills, the skills that enable them to hear and identify sounds, and also replicate them. Also, rhymes can build your child’s imagination and their ability to visualize.

If you enjoy singing nursery rhymes for and with your toddlers, here are the videos from MomJunction that you will like.

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Most Popular Rhymes Included!

The nursery rhymes video has 13 songs with colorful, clean animation for kids. The rhymes have a particular tune, which may not necessarily be the same that we hummed as kids. But the lyrics are easy to understand and are repeated for the kids to grasp and learn each word.

The video includes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which is perhaps the first rhyme we tend to teach our children. Then there is the basic math lesson with One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, with numbers from one to 20. The third rhyme is Humpty Dumpty, which was actually about a cannon used during the English Civil War. Now, did you know that?

Jack and Jill is another rhyme in the video that supposedly has a mysterious origin, one that is not appropriate for kids. But thankfully, the lyrics of the rhyme are not as bad or scandalous.

Piggies, Kittens and Owls

The video begins with This Little Piggy Went To Market, a song that talks about simple actions we do in our everyday life. Then there is a nice short chat with the little pussy cat, which has been to see none other than England’s Queen. The video also features the famous rhyme about the naughty three little kittens, who lose their mittens and are denied pie by the mommy cat! Maybe teach your toddler the benefits of being nice and not naughty?

Then there is an entirely happy animal farm owned by Old MacDonald! There are chicks, ducks, pigs, cows, sheep, cats and dogs! The video also has a rhyme about the wise old owl, who speaks less and hears more. Now wouldn’t we all want out kids to be like the owl!

Other rhymes you can sing along include a modified version of Baa Baa Black Sheep. This rhyme is a conversation between the little boy and several farm animals including the sheep, cow, bees, and a hen. Then there is the tale of the five little speckled frogs that jump into the water, one after the other. This is yet another math lesson for the kids.

The video ends with the story of the little mouse that is scared by the clock, in Hickory Dickory Dock.

Rhymes You Can Sing Along

The Wheels on the Bus is yet another informative rhyme that you and your kids can sing along while watching the video. The audio is clear and the words are pronounced as clearly as possible to make them comprehensible by toddlers. But in case you do not understand the accent of the singer, you can always read the subtitles for the rhymes, displayed on top of the screen.

Play the video once to get the gist of it and then play it again to learn the lyrics!

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