Necessary Skills To Teach Your Child Before They Turn 13

Did you know that kids who have been taught important social skills are more likely to have healthier and more successful lives as adults? All thanks to better education, jobs, and overall quality of life. It is important to teach your kids essential life lessons as soon as possible so that they can thrive and lead organized lives. Children can absorb everything they see, touch and are around so the best time to teach your little ones how to survive is before they reach their teens. This way they will be prepared to take on the world and its challenges while dealing with the changes that come with teenhood. Here are a couple of things your kid should learn before turning 13 years old. Let’s take a look:

1. Organizing Their Space Well

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All children should be taught the importance of keeping their space tidy and neat. Teach them how to organize their things in a way where it looks orderly and is efficient. For example, assign different shelves for toys and books or how to organize their wardrobe by finding a place for every clothing item. Show them how beneficial it is to clean up after themselves. This also means tidying up after playtime, helping around in household chores in any way they can and taking responsibility and ownership for their things. This will encourage your child to be self-sufficient and independent in nature which is a huge plus point when they grow up.

2. Resolving Disagreements Amicably

Resolving Disagreements Amicably

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Your kids need to learn that although their opinion is valued, it is not the only one that matters. Your children are going to go into a polarizing world where everyone has their own opinions and agendas and that’s okay. As long as they learn to disagree respectfully without compromising on their own values or enforcing them onto others around them, they are going to be alright. Conflict cannot and should not be avoided. Instead, teach your kids to compromise and consider the other person’s point of view whenever they come across something they can’t get on board with. Teach them to solve the problem and move on instead of dwelling on who got their way or keeping track of how many times they’ve let their sibling play with their toy so that they are indebted to them. We as parents are what our children will base their behavior on, so we need to model good communication and empathy.

3. Teach Them How To Be Financially Responsible

Teach Them How To Be Financially Responsible

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As an adult your child will need to be accountable and smart about the financial decisions they undertake. Be it taking out a loan, increasing their credit score or just keeping track of monthly expenses and savings, learning how to handle money is extremely important to lead a good quality of life. So, teaching the art of money management is the greatest gift a parent could give their child. It is your job as a parent to educate your child on the value of money and how best to spend it without squandering it away. And the sooner you start, the better.

One way to teach your kids how to manage their money is to give them a weekly allowance and help them figure out how best to use it. Once they get the hang of it, you can give them a monthly allowance. Help them make a small spreadsheet to keep track of their expenditure. The importance of saving up for a rainy day is a crucial lesson to learn, so make sure your kids don’t skip out on this one.

4. How To Work With Others

How To Work With Others

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Teach your kids how to be a team player. This may seem cliche but there is nothing more important than teaching your child to get along with other children. This doesn’t mean they have to bend over backwards to get people to like them or become a pushover, it’s about teaching them to respect their peers and value them. After all, these are the people they are going to work with, form friendships with and have life long connections with. And having healthy relationships leads to a content and happy life. So allow them to learn how to work as a team. This will also teach them invaluable lessons like social skills, like respect, compromise, tolerance, patience, communication, and empathy. They will also develop confidence and trust in others, and those skills will build a better future for them.

Picking out what skills to teach your kids, what to lay stress on and at what period of their development can be difficult. But your child will benefit greatly if they have a grasp on these basic skills before they reach their teenage years. So, prepare them well and watch them bloom. Happy parenting!

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