SkinKraft Review: A Customized Solution To All Your Skin Problems

Beauty products and cosmetics rarely agree with my skin, which is the reason I am always paranoid about trying new skin products. And c’mon, it’s your face afterall, you can’t take chances with it.

I first got to know about SkinKraft online but my paranoia was bigger than my fascination, so did a thorough research on their website. Once I was convinced, I picked my customized kit and was amazed by the results in the first week itself.

SkinKraft has got their basics right. They understand that each skin is unique and should be catered to accordingly. Hence they do a survey to understand our skin and its needs. And the products are customized based on our answers in the survey.

The products sent to me were Syndet Face Cleaner, Barrier Repair Lotion and Acne Control Face Cream. Here’s what happened through my four weeks of SkinKraft journey:

Week 1

The first week after using these three products, I didn’t really see much of a difference. In a way I was glad about this because at least my skin wasn’t reacting to anything. I realized the products are mild on skin and didn’t cause any itchiness.

Week 2

The second week was tough because there were multiple breakouts on my chin and forehead. The reason I still continued was because I could feel my skin breathing freely for the first time in ages. The facial cleanser actually left my face looking (and feeling) clean and fresh.
Realization: You need to follow the routine religiously to see the difference.

Week 3

This was a happy week because not just me but people around me started noticing the difference! I was asked the reason for this sudden glow and all I could do was blush (women don’t reveal their secrets so easily ☺).
The facial cleanser worked from day 1, but the Barrier Repair Lotion and Acne Control Face Cream started showing results only after three weeks. Not only is my acne history now, but also the pimple marks have disappeared completely. The barrier repair lotion leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. So much so, I have stopped using foundation altogether. The skin dazzles in its own light.

Week 4 and counting…

I am so glad to have finally found the magic recipe for a healthy, glowing skin! The SkinKraft kit has become an inseparable part of my routine now.

In fact, I have stopped using all other (overly expensive) products completely. It’s like someone out there is studying my skin and sending me the exact stuff required. Feels special and works like magic.

I am about to order my second kit and I recommend everyone reading this to at least give it a try. Use these products for a month and decide for yourself.

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