Soha Ali Khan On Breastfeeding Inaaya: Had To Pump Breast Milk In Airplane Bathroom

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Soha Ali Khan is one of those gorgeous celebrity mothers who doesn’t shy away from supporting ideas that empower women, especially mothers. On one hand, her simple yet stylish pregnancy looks mesmerized her fans. While on the other hand her prenatal yoga routine and post-pregnancy weight loss videos motivated a lot of new mommies to get in shape. However, it is her simple and humble nature that is most endearing considering the royal background she belongs to. Despite the affluence, she ensures her lovely daughter – Inaaya – gets a normal childhood without the frills of a celebrity attached to it. At times, we also get a sneak peek into Soha’s journey as a mother. It is when she shares her day-to-day struggles as a mother that we realize that these struggles are the same for everyone – celebrity or no celebrity.

One such recent post by Soha brought this aspect of her life to the fore. She shared details of an incident in support of her friend, Bollywood diva Neha Dhupia’s campaign to encourage breastfeeding in public. On the occasion of World Breastfeeding Week, Neha had taken to her social media account to share her struggles to feed her daughter in public. Tagged #freedomtofeed, she urged people to be more empathetic toward a mother breastfeeding in public places. The post was accompanied by a short video of Neha with her daughter.

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Just like Neha, Soha too posted a short video where she shared her experiences about breastfeeding Inaaya and the many hurdles she faced as a working parent. She starts by saying how she was inspired by Neha’s video. Soha always aspired to be a hands-on mom to her child. Being a competitive person by nature, she was kicked about the whole idea of being the exclusive provider of food for her baby through breastfeeding. However, she candidly admits that breastfeeding was also perhaps the most difficult aspect of being a new mommy. Although she describes the experience as a wonderful and humbling process, there were times when she was left completely exhausted in trying to meet the increasing demands of a rapidly growing, hungry baby. To meet those demands, she found herself pumping at the oddest of places.

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She shared an incident where she had to pump her breast milk in the bathroom of an airplane. While she was still at it, the seat belt signs had come on and she had to hurriedly dismantle, spilling lots of precious breast milk in the process. And when she headed back to her seat, she was asked by the air hostess if she was doing her makeup, to which replied with a simple “Uhh… No.”

Soha goes on to say that women who breastfeed in public should not be frowned upon, rather they should be encouraged. Because breastfeeding is an incredibly scientific and valuable thing to do. This needs to be supported rather than being shunned.

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Another aspect of breastfeeding that Soha shared was finding support among other mothers. She said that she could face the challenges of breastfeeding when she realized that she was not alone in her endeavors. She urged new mothers to share their issues or frustrations either with latching, sleepless nights, low milk supply, being upset with their bodies, hormones – whatever it may be. Because there are people out there, especially mothers, who’ll listen to them and tell them that they are doing just fine. She concluded the video by thanking Neha again for her inspiring video and encouraging everyone to talk more about it.

Breastfeeding is a natural process. It is a baby’s right to get all the nutritional benefits of breast milk. However, most new mothers often give up breastfeeding, especially working mothers due to lack of appropriate places to breastfeed their babies. We hope that with more and more people talking about it, mommies will one fine day earn their right to respectfully breastfeed their little ones in public. #freedomtofeed.

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