Stay-At-Home Mom: I Have No Regrets, But I Need A Sunday Too

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I agree, no other job or experience can beat the feeling of being a mother and taking care of my kids and husband. But being a stay-at-home mom of two kids and looking after the household can get a bit monotonous.

I have always looked forward to the experience of motherhood and embraced it with all my heart. Even when it came to giving up a brief career for it, I didn’t regret it because I enjoyed looking after my two little girls. While there are women who juggle both career and motherhood brilliantly, I shifted all my focus to taking care of my family.

People do have a preconceived notion that being a housewife is a far easy job than working 9 hours at a desk. Agreed times are changing, and society has started recognizing that being a stay-at-home mom is nothing less than a corporate job. But time and again, I cannot help but think that people do assume that we are supposed to work 24/7, 365 days a year because – ghar pe karne ko hai hi kya? So, like most families, my family too assumed that doing household chores and taking care of their needs, including on Sundays, was all that I wanted to do – willingly.

The ‘Chatpata Khayal‘ That Brought The Twist

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It all started with a random statement from my husband. As I sat munching my favorite Kurkure with tea (one of the few luxuries I could afford) in the evening, my husband looked at me and said, “Tomorrow’s Sunday, why don’t you cook pulao?” I asked him why we can’t order it from outside for a change, to which he said, “We can, but I love what you make. I can eat it every day!” And bingo! The idea struck. That Sunday, I did make his favourite dish. But, I also made the same dish throughout the week! Yes, he got to eat the dish every day in his tiffin!! The kids were upset too. Yet I stuck to my guns. Finally, when the weekend arrived, I asked my family, “Pulao for lunch tomorrow?” and all of them grumbled in frustration. This was the moment when I made them realize what it was to experience the same thing every day of the week.

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Sundays are meant for relaxing and recharging ourselves. So, when everyone else needs a holiday on a Sunday, then why not me?

Sabka Sunday

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Of course, I didn’t expect an overnight miracle. But what happened the next day was nothing short of one for me. That Sunday, I woke up early as usual to start my day of chores. I was surprised to find my husband was not by my bedside. Assuming he was in the bathroom, I went to wake the kids up only to find their room empty! Worried, I rushed downstairs to find them struggling in the kitchen – they were all attempting to make breakfast all by themselves! I couldn’t help but laugh at the end result – burnt roti’s, watery dal, and what not! But when they told me they wanted me to have Sunday for myself, I was overwhelmed. Finally, we decided that we’ll order food from outside every Sunday till the time all of them can make a decent meal for themselves.

This incident taught me one thing – unless we tell our families how we feel, they’ll never know what we are going through or what our needs are. We too need a day where we do not have to think about what to cook, or when to clean, or how much laundry is left to do. I love doing what I do, but I deserve a Sunday too. I got mine, time to get yours now! Well, #Khaayal to chatpata hai. Isn’t it?

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