3 Steps For The Perfect Baby Name

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As parents, we always want the best for our child. From their school, outfits, to even the parks they play at, we choose everything for them which is in their best interest. But things can get a bit tricky when it comes to choosing a name for your baby because it becomes his/her identity for the rest of their lives. With the name’s popularity, spelling, uniqueness, and meaning being some of the criteria, it can prove to be a daunting task to zero in on the right one. The fact that you’ll be flooded with name suggestions from the moment you announce your pregnancy doesn’t seem to help your case either.

To sort the confusion, some parents resort to numerology or astrology to get a better direction. Culture and tradition can also have a major influence on what you name your baby. Some parents even go to the extent of naming in alphabetical order so that their child’s name isn’t the last in the class attendance register!! To simplify the process, we bring you 3 steps that’ll help you get the perfect name for your baby. Here goes:

1. Blend It With The Surname

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You’ve just found what you think is the perfect name. However, it sounds odd with the family name. Most families have a traditional surname that has been handed down since generations. Such surnames are also a matter of pride for the family, which is why doing away with it can’t be a good idea. And doing so, at times, can make your child feel alienated from the rest of the extended family after he/she grows up. So, what do you do? Find a name that blends seamlessly with the surname. This way, your grown-up child can equally take pride in their lineage.

2. Watch Out For Those Initials And Nicknames

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While retaining the family name is great, you can also cross-check the initials of the name. It shouldn’t create a weird abbreviation. Like – Ankur Singh Shekhawat will be abbreviated ASS; Shireen Ahmed Diwan will be SAD! You got the idea, right? This can be embarrassing to your child in the future. So, in the instances where middle initials are added to the first and the last name, make sure you check the abbreviations. If there is an option to do away with the initials while still retaining the essence of the name, do so.

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Having nicknames for children is also a common practice. It stays with your child as much as his/her first name. So, go for names that can be broken into cute nicknames. Like Christina can be Tina, Ivanna can be Ivy, etc.

3. Fits In With Sibling Names

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Some parents prefer to name all their children in rhyming names. Like Mitha and Smitha, both of which have beautiful meanings and yet sound cute when called out together. Likewise, naming their kids with the same alphabet is also a trend followed by some parents – like Asha and Ahana.

Another happening trend is giving different names to the children but with a similar meaning – like Emaan and Deen – both of which mean faith. Or Surya and Aditya – both mean sun!

All these ideas can be wonderful ways of choosing your baby’s name appropriately. Having said this, it also helps to create your own list of baby names and check each one of them against the steps mentioned here. If it meets all the criteria, then bingo! You’ve got the best one. However, if you really like a name and a few compromises can be made, then we suggest that you go for it. But before sealing the deal, as a final step, check if the name you’ve finalized suits your baby as a little one as well as a grown-up. But no matter how or what name you choose for your baby, we’re sure it’ll be the best!