4 Stories From New Parents That Are Way Too Hilarious

Stories From New Parents That Are Way Too Hilarious

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It’s no secret that all parents to be and new parents are scared half to death when a baby is in the picture, because let’s be honest, how the heck are you to know what to do? Sure, you can read helpful books all you want and listen non-stop to everybody else, but you eventually learn through practice. And of course, soon enough you’ll be a pro and the new batch of parents will be envious of you.

Surely you’ve wondered how parents, for example, walk around town with shopping bags AND a tiny human in tow. Well, chances are they weren’t always that put together! We are almost certain it all started off with getting scared over the smallest things, getting peed on, and putting on diapers the wrong way. So, in order to make you new parents feel better, or for whoever just wants to have a good laugh, below are hilarious parents stories that will have you in a fit of giggles.

1. Innovation is Key

Innovation is Key

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This dad is definitely a creative genius. His wife wasn’t at home this one day when he needed to change the baby’s diaper. Much to his dismay, he realised that they were out of diapers and had to do the next best thing: innovate. His wife came home to interesting invention that worked much like a diaper. For example, she says her husband “had made one [diaper] out of a maxi-pad, a dish towel, and the headband I use when I take off my make-up. It worked, but now I make sure that I’m never, ever out of diapers.” We agree. Always have diapers, parents!

2. Exorcist of Katherine’s Baby

Exorcist of Katherine’s Baby

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A woman named Katherine has a hilarious story for us. No more words are needed because this story will have you on rolling around the floor in laughter. Before we get into the story, parents, just remember that sometimes when your baby is spitting up, it may or may not turn into projectile vomit. Katherine’s little one who was ONLY 3 weeks old began to projectile vomit. But here’s when things get worse, but also funnier: I swear it shot from her mouth 4 feet across the room. Ironically, I had just watched ‘The Exorcist’ the night before, so I was positive she was possessed.” Katherine then called her parents, the hospital, and her priest! She really thought her baby was possessed! Once reaching the hospital, the doctor said it’s nothing to worry about and that her baby is fine. The problem may have been that she was being overfed. On the other hand, her priest was laughing as much as we are, as she says, “My priest laughed so hard he had to sit down.” Easily this is our favourite story. Ever.

3. Burp Cloths Are Important

Burp Cloths Are Important

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Never underestimated the power of baby burps. It’s a well-known fact that you should have a burp rag over your shoulder when you’re burping your baby! This mommy thought she’s be holding her newborn only for a quick minute, but little did she know that a lot could happen in that one minute. She slowly began to feel her back, clothes, and underwear getting very warm and wet. We wonder why?

4. Funny & Forgetful

Funny & Forgetful

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Okay this is hilarious, but also a tiny bit said, but it’s perfect for scared moms out there; you are doing a great job! Don’t put yourself down. One mom decided to take her baby out alone for the first time ever. After buckling her son in she realised that the driver’s side door was locked, as was her son’s door. She began to panic and cry while thinking she was a horrible mother. She then realised that her keys were in her pocket the whole time! Oh, and this went on for almost an hour, but don’t worry, her baby was fast asleep.

We would love to know your stories too! Let us know below.

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