11 Strange (But Totally Normal) Habits Of Breastfeeding Babies

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You might have heard this one before but I will say it again. For babies, breast milk is the nature’s perfect food, all natural and healthy. For every mommy, breastfeeding is a tough albeit beautiful journey.

We are sure that just the mention of this might have brought back an amazing memory to you. Do you remember a time when your toddler did something weird while feeding on your milk? Infants often find random and awkward ways to pass their time while breastfeeding, isn’t it?

Here, we bring you 11 strange yet normal habits of breastfeeding babies:

1. Nipple Twiddling

At times, when the mommy is lying down while breastfeeding, one hand of her tiny tot will be latched on to the other (or unused, for lack of a better term) nipple to twiddle.

2. The Acrobatic One

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One of the favorite pastime for a baby while breastfeeding is to perform different acrobatic poses – be it that yoga pose, partial roll, or that popular toe-touching pose. It’s like he/she never gets tired of contorting his/her body in different and peculiar ways!

3. Oh, That Surprise Breast-Slap!

This one might not happen so often, that is why it catches a mother by surprise each time it does. It usually happens when the wait is too long, and the tiny tot’s patience runs out. Can’t really blame the baby for this? After all, don’t we have a tendency to slap everything that doesn’t work (wishing for it to cooperate)?

4. The Hair Yanking

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Some babies try to grab their mommy’s hair (especially in the initial phase) while feeding on the milk. At such moments, most mothers find it better to just hand them over a toy that they can play with. Obviously, no woman wants another reason for hair loss!

5. Flapping That Shirt

Here is yet another thing babies do with their other (free) hand! Though grabbing mommy’s shirt and pulling it with all their might may look adorable from afar, it can be pretty embarrassing at times (more so when in a public place).

6. That Bite Does Hurt

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Despite being considered “normal” by one and all (including the doctors), we don’t think that the mommies like this one! But all that the mother does is pull away a couple of times, and the adorable little angel usually gets the hint.

7. That Incessant Scratching

The tiny tots can dig in really hard into their mommies’ skin with their little claws. To an extent, that it can even leave a wound or result in bleeding sometimes. Unfortunately.

8. Chest Stroking

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This one is a beauty. At times, the tiny ones can stroke their mother’s breast with their dough-like soft hands so gently. That feeling is truly just out of the world.

9. Clean Those Teeth Mission

While nursing, a few babies have this habit of scraping away their mother’s teeth and her gum with their tiny yet sharp nails. It’s almost like having a dentist at work, who also seems to be taking their job pretty seriously!

10. But It’s Walking Time

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Every mommy wishes to see her baby take the first steps and encourages him/her for the same too. However, it’s not that much fun seeing the little ones make that attempt while still being latched on to their mom!

11. Where Are Those Birds Chirping?

Some tiny tots have this tendency of getting distracted too quickly. So, one minute they are latched on to you, another minute they are wondering where that sound is coming from. And, just when you think the nursing time is over, they latch onto you again. Weirdly familiar, right?

Some of these moments you share with your baby might be weird and random, leaving you speechless and surprised. But, rest assured that you are not alone in this. And, it’s definitely normal. While all the magazines and brochures depict breastfeeding’s surreal aspect, no one prepares you for this absurd yet hilarious bit. So, good luck to all the beautiful mommies!