4 Myths Related To Stretch Marks: And A Solution That Actually Works!

Myths Related To Stretch Marks And A Solution That Actually Works

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Grandma will tell you one thing about stretch marks, your mom another and your friend will share a totally different tidbit altogether! For as common a skin problem as stretch marks, it’s really surprising the number of myths that surround them. Think you know all about stretch marks? You might want to think again as we are about to bust 4 major myths on them!

P.S. We will also share with you a stretch marks solution that really works once we burst the myth bubble!

Myth #1: Only women get stretch marks

Only women get stretch marks

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Reality: Un-truer words have not been spoken! Although stretch marks are less common in men, they are as likely to get them if they suffer from causes of it other than pregnancy. The causes of stretch marks in men range from growth spurts and rapid weight gain or loss to weight training and glandular diseases such as Cushing’s disease (1).

Myth #2: Diet cannot help your stretch marks

Diet cannot help your stretch marks

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Reality: Since the emphasis on cosmetic products is high when it comes to preventive or remedial measures for stretch marks, many people tend to believe that diet has no effect on them whatsoever. However, the truth is that a healthy diet rich in Vitamins A, C, D, E, and zinc can help you prevent as well as fade away existing stretch marks (2).

Myth #3: Stretch marks only appear on the tummy

Stretch marks only appear on the tummy

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Reality: Think of pictures you’ve seen on stretch marks and you’ll remember those that show them appear on the tummy. The reality though is that stretch marks do not just appear on your stomach. You can get them on your arms, breasts, thighs, back, buttocks, hips and shoulders as well (3).

Myth #4: Tanning is a solution to stretch marks

Tanning is a solution to stretch marks

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Reality: Many people believe that a session at a tanning bed can actually help them make stretch marks disappear. But let’s separate fact from fiction, shall we? Tanning in a salon or at the beach can actually make your stretch marks more visible (4). The reason for that is stretch marks don’t tan the way the rest of your skin does and hence, may appear lighter than your cinnamon-tan body. This obviously makes them more prominent than before.

The only stretch-mark solution that actually works

While tanning may not be the best or even a solution at all for stretch marks, there are things that can help reduce their appearance. Things that actually work! Sure diet and exercise can help to a great extent but they can only go so far until you have some external help.

Wondering what this solution is? It’s not too hard to guess! Upon intensive research and a survey among our friends and family, we found that the stretch marks solution that actually works is Bio Oil.

Yes! The regular use of Bio Oil can be very useful in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks. Not only did we try it out ourselves before attesting to this fact but we also found several clinical trials and studies that prove its efficacy as a great anti-stretch marks treatment (5).

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That’s not all. We also discovered in the due course of our research that Bio Oil is the leading stretch marks treatment in 100+ countries and has won several international skincare awards as well (6)! Isn’t that amazing?

What we love best about Bio Oil though is its natural ingredients and ease of use. Made up of a unique formulation of vitamins and plant extracts in a PurCellin Oil base, the oil is easy to apply and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling. Besides, 8-10 weeks of twice-a-day use on affected areas is enough to witness visible results!

We are absolutely sold on this remedy for stretch marks! We are really not surprised that celebrities such as Kim K and PeeCee Jonas swear by it (7), (8). Try it yourself. You’ll love it as much as we do!

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