Stunning Photos of Human Developing In The Womb

Did you know that the placenta weighs about one-eighth the size of your baby? It’s not just that. The umbilical cord is about the same length as the baby. The average baby weighs about 3.4 kilograms at the time of birth. The average length of your baby at birth would be 20 inches.

At the time of birth, your baby might have the bluish or pinkish hue and may change the color in the first week. Some babies also show a change in eye color. Your baby might be born with fine hair called lanugo on his or her body and the forehead.

There are so many changes that happen to the tiny being. But the story of the journey begins in the womb where the baby spends its nine months until it finally arrives into the world. Here is a series of images that beautifully explain how a baby forms in the womb.

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