7 Ways To Spend Your Kids' Summer Vacation At Home

You know summer is here when you experience constant sweating, dehydration, and power cuts at home. Despite the scorching heat that drains the life out of you, there’s something about it that makes it so lovable. Perhaps it is the freedom of your kids not having to go to school (or, in the current scenario, attend online classes) or the fact that you can sleep in a little more than on regular days. Irrespective of the reason, summer vacation is a time to make memories and enjoy the free time.

Your kids would have probably enjoyed a good summer camp, but with the pandemic, it’s best to spend time at home. You might be wondering how to make summer vacation fun for kids, and we’ve got a few ideas. Here are seven ways to spend the summer holidays with your kids at home and make them memorable:

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1. Prepare A Schedule

Prepare A Schedule

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Yes, we know that it’s a vacation, and you don’t want to follow a schedule, but lazing around doing nothing will only make you bored, restless, and even irritable. Prepare a schedule for your kids, so they dedicate time for different fun activities throughout the day. You don’t have to be strict about the schedule, but it’s always good to have a plan.

2. Learn Something New

Learn Something New

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Summer vacation is the best time for your kids to pick up new skills. Maybe they can try their hand at cooking, painting, gardening, or carpentry. Teach them how to re-pot a plant, prepare their favorite dish or fold their own clothes.

3. Do An Activity Together

Do An Activity Together

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Set aside some time to do an activity together. It can be anything that interests you and your kids. They might like art and craft, and maybe you never had the time to do it. Now is your time. Gather up some papers and other craft supplies and make some DIY goodies. There are plenty of videos on the internet that will help you out.

4. Handle Tiny Responsibilities

Handle Tiny Responsibilities

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We understand that your kids are on vacation and might not want to do any chores. But assigning specific chores and tasks for them to do might actually benefit them in the long run. They can water the plans, clear the trash, help set the dinner table or put their laundry away. Your kids can handle small responsibilities, and it’s good to start them young.

5. Do Something Productive

Do Something Productive

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You don’t want your kids to spend all summer doing nothing productive. It’ll be a waste of time if they don’t dedicate an hour or two to doing something productive every day. Encourage them to read a book or learn a dance routine. If your kids are into music, they can even try to master a musical instrument.

6. Movie/Game Nights

MovieGame Nights

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The best part about a vacation is that kids’ bedtime can be slightly later than school nights. To make this time memorable and fun for them, you can dedicate 2-3 days a week to watching a movie with them. You can even organize game night as a family to change things up a bit.

7. Do Nothing

Do Nothing

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Sure, it’s great to follow a schedule and have productive days, even during your holidays. However, it’s equally important to laze around and do nothing. The best way to get this done without wasting all summer is by setting aside one day in the week to do nothing. Mostly, this day happens to be a Sunday, but you can pick any day that’s convenient for you.

Summer vacation is one of the best memories of childhood. Spending the whole day playing with friends and not having to worry about homework or exams is truly a blissful experience. But with the current scenario, it’s not wise to meet people and step outside. We hope we helped you get some ideas on how to spend the summer holidays with your kids indoors. What plans do you have for the summer? Comment below and let us know.

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