5 Summer Vacation Challenges For Working Moms And How To Deal With Them

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Summer’s here! It’s time for the long vacation! Yay! Oh no, wait that’s just for the kids.

As a working mom, holidays seem like a utopian dream and you know that summer vacation just means a couple of extra hours added to your already long work schedule. There’s so many activities/challenges to take care of!

But fret not! You are not alone as we are here to provide you with handy solutions on how to overcome the top 5 summer vacation challenges every working mom faces-

Challenge #1: ALL the things to do!

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Summer vacation means a major overhaul of your timetable! You suddenly have to make room for all these extra tasks such as planning special summer hobbies for you kids to take up, making a trip to the amusement park, managing the deadline at work, dealing with your child’s extensive summer homework and so on and so forth. Time-crunch is an understatement during summers.

The Fix: Keep a planner handy and start scribbling a solid schedule way before your child’s summer break commences. This will give you a lead and will make handling everything easier.

Challenge #2: Ensuring kids get the necessary nutrition with Enfagrow A+

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A daunting task that’s no less than climbing Mt. Everest, ensuring your kids get their daily dose of nutrition can be tough. Considering all your kids want are ice creams and sweetmeats to hop on that crazy sugar high. A glass of milk at this time would be instantly refused.

The Fix: One simple trick to make your usual fruit juice healthy is to add real fruits and a scoopful of Enfagrow A+! This health supplement for kids aged 2 years and above is packed with DHA and other essential nutrients ensures the holistic brain development of your child while being instrumental in their motor and communication skills as well. Coming in a variety of flavors, it’s a surefire of way of making every fruit juice tempting and delicious for your kids.

Challenge #3: Making every summer activity a learning experience for the kids

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Summer holidays are long! It’s a great time to encourage your kids to take up new activities so that they can learn and grow at the same time. But which activity is going to benefit your child the most? Now that’s a tough question.

The Fix: Before enrolling your child in a myriad of classes, figure out their interests by either asking or observing them. Kids learn from those activities more which enjoy doing so it’s best to find out what your child loves. You could also have mini activities at home such as easy-bake lessons to make every moment a learning experience.

Challenge #4: Keeping your kids’ brain sharp through activities and nutrition

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Well, physical activities are not enough. Brain-building activities are equally important at this tender age. Games such as puzzles are a great way to boost your child’s mental faculties! But to ensure they get the maximum benefit, you have to keep tabs on their daily nutritional requirements too.

The Fix: It’s easy to get kids interested in games, but healthy foods? Not so much. Plus, as a working mom, you don’t have the time to rustle up a lot of healthy meals either. So what do you do? Just fix up a quick health drink by mixing Enfagrow A+ with water! Enfagrow A+ is a milk powder that is scientifically designed to ensure your child’s brain gets optimal dose of DHA, the building block of the brain. It also contains other brain-building micronutrients such as Vitamin B6 and B12, Zinc and Folate!

Challenge #5: Ensuring quality family time

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Lastly, for a working mom, summer is the busiest season ever! You have to take care of so many things that squeezing out time for a family day out (or in) can seem impossible.

The Fix: Make every count during this hectic season by making simple activities family ones such as a ride to the summer camp, which could be a family road trip! Mealtimes spent together and weekend outings are other ways to enjoy quality family time.

As a working mom, challenges are pretty much a part of the package deal. However, instead of being phased by them, face them head on and join the gang of #HappyEnfaMothers. Mothers around the world have taken to #EnfagrowIndia revolution and are all set to make a difference in the lives of their children. Try for yourself! Get your pack of Enfagrow A+ right now and see how your little one instantly falls in love with this power drink. Buy your pack here.

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