17 Super-Charged Activities To Keep Your Kid Engaged All Summer Long! Number 7 Will Do The Trick!

When the long awaited summers arrive, it is your toddlers who will excitedly make you realize about the seasonal change even before you unload off those fleece and spring back to the sunny life! Before your shorts replace the thermals, and you sport flip-flops to snow-shoes, your 3-year-olds will stay up for great lengths through the evenings. The longer days in summers mean you can now indulge your kids in some exciting activities. Here are our top tips for getting a 3-year-old have some super fun during summers:

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1. Backpacking On Her Scooter

Backpacking On Her Scooter

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Ahoy! Here comes the little backpacker trotting on her pretty scooter. Doesn’t she look lovely as you let your girl take on the town and get heads turned around? That’s a smart backpacker on a spree after all. Just make sure she doesn’t veer off the sidewalk though.

2. Water Gun

Water Gun

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Forget to take your car for a car wash this summer. Your little one will do that for you ;) Simply give him a loaded water gun. He will be capable enough to squirt it all over your car. And no, he won’t tire even after it washes off all the dust. Enjoy the little service he offers you, his adorable antics included.

3. Shave Spray Paint

Shave Spray Paint

Image: Shutterstock

The fluffy shave sprays are such a rage among kids. Oh, they so love it when their daddy sprays it on their face. But now they can have it all to themselves with few special effects! What you will need is:

  • A shaving spray
  • Finger Paint
  • Brushes and spatulas
  • A tray
  • Glitters

Spray the cream all over the tray (keep the cream out children’s reach though). Make it as fluffy as you want. Add the paint in random patterns. Spread and blend it as you want with the help of brushes and spatulas. Top it with glitters. It will look spectacular!

4. Potato Stamping

Potato Stamping

Image: IStock

Time to get your hands dirty! All you will need is a potato cut in two halves. On each, you could carve out any image to make prints on paper. Dip the carved out projections into any desired paint (water colors or acrylic paints will serve well) and impress upon the given sheets.

5. Marble Sorting

Marble Sorting

Image: Shutterstock

Sorting helps young ones improve their analytical abilities. Get an assortment of marbles of different sizes and colors. Ask your little one to sort them into groups consisting of one kind each. It will keep him quite engaged. Keep an eye lest he gets to any mischief to gobble them!

6. Nut Cracking

Nut Cracking

Image: Shutterstock

It will be fun showing how to crack the nuts. If you have variants of nuts, it will be a good teaching experience as to what they look like and what benefits they carry.

7. Pasting Cut-Outs

Pasting Cut-Outs

Image: Shutterstock

Kids love to stick things around. Have some cut-outs of their favorite animation characters or creatures. Provide them with sheets or papers or cardboard to paste them with the help of a glue-stick. Parental supervision is recommended to prevent their teeth digging into the glue sticks.

8. Building Blocks And Abacus

Building Blocks And Abacus

Image: Shutterstock

Logical thinking starts developing at a very young age. Provide kids with tools for mental challenges. Building blocks and abacus enhance thinking and make great learning tools.

9. Non-Fire Cooking

Non-Fire Cooking

Image: Shutterstock

If you have girls who love to emulate you in the kitchen, then they will have a whale of a time with this one. Get them toy kitchen sets and real ingredients to do some non-fire cooking. Their menu could include a variety of sandwiches, salads, squashes or milkshakes. And they will love to dish out your favorites on demand.

10. The Mommy Make-Over

The Mommy Make-Over

Image: Shutterstock

Your girl surely pesters to use your cosmetics. Allow her on condition that she will apply those on you. So while she satiates her urges to try hands on a mommy-make-over, you can turn out amused at how she ‘paints’ you. :D

11. Swimming


Image: Shutterstock

One of the best activities that I can vouch for! Summer and swimming so go well together. Consider the health benefits that it can offer your child. You could use this season to take him to the pool and get all splashed!

12. Kids Photography

Kids Photography

Image: Shutterstock

Get him a disposable or a kids’ camera. Let him go on a photography outing where he can capture anything that will hook his fantasy. You will be surprised at what he finds interesting.

13. Kid Safe Nail Polish

Kid Safe Nail Polish

Image: IStock

Wow! The girls have already got the hang of nail art. Give them a bunch of kids-safe nail polish. Before they can make a mess in the interiors, ask them to use the backyard to get their hands dirty!

14. Fruit Picking In Orchards

Fruit Picking In Orchards

Image: Shutterstock

When but a sunny day is the best to drive your kids to the orchards and do some fruit picking. They will love to gather their share of apples and berries. What’s more, they will get the taste of organic farming and some real fruit sans any chemical or genetic modifiers – which is good for them!

15. Playing With Pets

Playing With Pets

Image: Shutterstock

Pets bond well with the young ones in the family. They love watching the kids grow with them. So if you have pets, let them be all goofballs together. You will enjoy those genuine giggles.

16. Skating Lessons

Skating Lessons

Image: Shutterstock

Summers also mean being all charged for some skating travails. Get ready with a helmet, kneepads and loads of energy.

17. Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf

Image: Shutterstock

Gear up your little Tiger Woods for a mini-golf outing. Do you see the star player in him already?

Get the most out of long summers with these little tips. We know what your 3-year old is doing this summer (pun intended), but we would like to hear from you on how he spends it!

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