12 Surprises A Woman Loves To Have From Her Husband

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Who doesn’t like good surprises? But when the surprise comes from your husband, you are all the more elated. They don’t always have to be expensive things. But sometimes simple things in life can come as a fairly decent bit of surprise.

1. Taking Over In The Kitchen For A Day Unannounced:

You have played a good wife by preparing his timely meals. Your husband should perhaps reciprocate it by a surprise take over in the kitchen for a day. Can there be a better surprise than having your breakfast ready even before you spring out of bed?

2. Organizing His Wardrobe For One Time:

Yes. This is one thing you would have spent your time and energy on. But if for one day, he expresses his will to do it all by himself, then there can be a lot off burden taken off your shoulders.

3. Bringing Home Some Flowers:

A dash of fresh blossoms in the evening after work might just make your place a bit more enlivening. If your husband knows what your favorite flower is and can come home with a bunch of them one evening, there can’t be anything nicer.

4. A Surprise Party:

Birthdays and anniversaries are mandatory. It is unpardonable to forget these dates. But when your husband decides to throw a surprise party in your honor with friends at home, you are bowled over once you get home after work.

5. A Drive To A Coffee-Shop:

You don’t always have to have a reason to go to your favorite coffee shop.

6. Catching Up With The Latest Movie:

It’s typical of a married couple to miss out on the movies, and it can be quite a shame if you are a born movie-buff. You will be pretty happy with a surprise ticket that your husband might book for the latest from your favorite movie star.

7. Going To Watch A Match:

How about a surprise gift ticket to go to the next IPL match when it comes to cricket, or Arsenal vs. Manchester City match when it comes to soccer? You will want to freak out!

8. Leaving A Surprise Note:

Your husband might secretly admire a lot of things about you but never be able to say them to you. So if he wants to show gratitude for the fantastic wife you have been, he might surprise you with a note with all the nice things about you. Don’t be surprised to find those post-it notes on the fridge some day. Hold your breath as it might just mean something nice.

9. Pat-A-Cake:

Yes, baking is one thing he might want to do when you are enjoying a sunny noon in the garden. If the mouth-watering aroma wafts through the air, don’t barge into the kitchen. He sure is preparing something delicious for you.

10. Making That Album:

You never had the count of the pictures that your husband took of you. But there comes this album encasing all those happy moments together. When did he make them!

11. Multiple Pubbing:

I remember how a friend of mine had her husband take her to a pub one evening. He hopped onto a neighboring pub with her ordering another pint. Then hopped on to another pub in the next vicinity. Then to the other. This he did every hour until they were tired. She laughed all the way through.

12. Adventure Sports:

You sure needed that weekend getaway. If your husband gets you that VIP pass, just go on the fun spree.

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