15 Surprising Things You Wish You Had Known About Newborns!

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As a soon-to-be mom, you may wonder what your newborn will look like, and how are you supposed to care for her. Are you losing your sleep over your little one who will fill your life with joy and laughter? Do you wonder what she will look like when she makes her grand entrance?

If these questions have been making you anxious, then it’s time to ease your worries. Read our post below for the things to know about newborns.

15 Things To Know About Newborns:

You may have heard a lot about how a newborn will bring about a sea of changes in your life, but there are so many aspects to life with a newborn that you don’t know yet. So, here are 15 things that  probably tell you everything you need to know about newborns

1. Newborns Look Old And Wrinkled When They Are Born:

It’s true! You probably saw pictures of new moms holding their perfectly cute newborns, complete with a rosy face and that cute tiny smile and those angelic eyes and tiny fingers. In reality, a newborn baby looks nothing like this:

  • When a baby is born, the skin is extremely wrinkled and full of a gooey white film, which also covers the newborn’s eyes and the entire face. The eyes will also be puffy and closed, not wide and open as you may have believed it is at the time of birth.
  • A newborn will also have a layer of fine hair all over the body, which can make you worried about your baby growing up to be too hairy. In reality, it is known as the lanugo, which is the layer of hair that protects your baby while inside the womb.
  • If you have a vaginal birth, your newborn’s head can look a little out of shape because of the journey through the birth canal.

2. Newborns Will Only Poop And Spit In The First Few Weeks – A Lot:

Here is yet another things to know about a newborn. While you may feel that your newborn is a tiny bundle, you will be surprised at the amount of waste matter your newborn can create, especially in the first few weeks!

  • In the first few weeks after birth, almost till the first couple of months, your newborn will poop and spit and pee so much that it will confuse you where so much matter is coming from.
  • In most cases, you will have to change your newborn’s diapers or nappies at least once every half an hour or so. When your newborn spits at almost the same pace, you will have to change your newborn’s clothes and many times, yours as well.
  • Not only do newborns poop a lot, but they can also poop with an explosion to accompany it. Many times, you will be surprised to see that you put your newborn in a fresh diaper to go to the doctor’s visit, but that it all spilled out due to a poop explosion.

3. Newborns Will React Much For The First Six Weeks:

As a new parent, you probably want to see your newborn look at you and smile and acknowledge your presence.

  • Be prepared to be disappointed, at least for the first six weeks or so after your baby is born.
  • In the first few weeks and months, your newborn will barely have time to do anything else but to feed, spit it out, poop, pee, sleep, cry, feed, spit it out, poop, pee, sleep and continue the cycle, in almost the same order through the day as well as through the night.
  • While you may feel that you are caring for a little one who does not even realize you are there, do not give up on your hope, as your newborn might surprise you with that amazing smile!

4. Do Not Give Your Newborn A Proper Bath Till The Umbilical Cord Drops Out:

Once you bring your newborn home, you want to take care of all your baby’s needs, including feeding and cleaning, but make sure how you do it and when.

  • In the initial few weeks after birth, your newborn will still have the stump from the umbilical cord intact, and the area can be raw and rather sensitive.
  • Until the time the stump from the umbilical cord falls off, you should make sure that you do not give your newborn a proper bath using water. The only way you should clean your newborn during these days or weeks is by giving a sponge bath and making sure that the sponge is not too wet, but slightly damp.
  • Talk to your newborn’s doctor about how to take care of the umbilical cord stump and do not try to pull it out, as it will fall off with time.

5. Newborn Soft Spot Takes Time To Harden:

The soft spot that you see on your newborn’s head is a sensitive area, so make sure you are careful. It is one of the most important things to know about newborns.

  • The soft spot can often make you feel scared and worried, and you may be extra paranoid that you do not in any way harm your newborn.
  • In most cases, your newborn’s soft spot will harden in the next six to eight months, but it can vary from baby to baby.
  • Be careful while giving your newborn a bath, while combing or massaging the head and so on.

6. Your Newborn Will Indicate When Full:

Feeding your newborn will take up most of your time as a new mom, so why not get some help from your little one too?

  • As a newborn, your tiny one will be with you most of the time for a feeding session.
  • While you may not be sure of how to tell when your newborn needs more feed or is full, you can often take a cue from the little one!
  • Your newborn will almost always cry when feeling hungry, and if your newborn is full, you will notice that your newborn will try to turn away from the breast or bottle or may just stop suckling.

7. Newborn Nails Grow Quite Fast:

Do not go by your newborn’s size, as those tiny nails will grow fast!

  • Your newborn has nails that are fragile and look as thin as paper, but in reality will grow rather rapidly.
  • In the first few weeks and months, you may be scared to trim those nails, fearing that you may accidentally cut your newborn’s skin. Remember that the nails will grow fast, and there is always the risk of your newborn scratching on the face or skin accidentally.
  • Try and trim those nails using a baby nail clipper when your newborn is sleeping.

8. Newborns Will Sleep Without A Routine:

As a newborn, your little one will still take a long time to adjust to routines.

  • In the initial months, your newborn may sleep the entire day and stay awake the whole night, or may surprise you by sleeping in patterns that will take a shape of their own.
  • Whatever the situation, your newborn will have an independent streak when it comes to sleeping, and you should not expect any routine till your little one is at least a year old.

9. Newborns Sleep With Eyes Open:

No, it does not mean that your newborn will sleep with eyes wide open, but kind of.

  • While your newborn is asleep, you may find yourself confused whether the little one is asleep or is still awake.
  • Most newborns will not be able to close their eyes fully as they sleep, so that their eyes will look half open, and you may wonder if they are still awake.

10. Newborns Can Spit From The Nose:

While you thought you were getting an expert at handling your baby’s poop, the spit can still take some time to adjust to.

  • As a newborn, your little one will spit a lot, and much of it will also come out from the nose.
  • While it can seem quite scary, and you may be worried whether your newborn is alright, spitting from the nose is quite a common thing and is not necessarily dangerous.
  • To prevent spit ups as much as possible, make sure that you properly burp your newborn after every feeding session.

11. Newborns Are Not Able To Focus:

If you thought something was wrong with your newborn’s eyesight, give it some time to adjust.

  • In the first few weeks after being born, your newborn will not be able to focus on anything, which can make it seem that something is wrong with your newborn’s vision.
  • It will take about two months for your newborn to be able to focus properly, after which your little one will also be able to finally ‘see’ you.

12. Newborn Skin Will Peel Off:

Do not be alarmed if you see bits and pieces of your newborn’s skin peeling off like this is normal.

  • In the first few weeks and months, your newborn will be going through a lot of changes, and changes to the skin will also be a part of this.
  • You may notice whitish patches on your newborn’s body from where the skin will slowly peel off. It is also the time when the body hair will slowly start to reduce.

13. Newborns Can Cry Without Reason Too:

Yes, it is true that every time your newborn cries it does not mean that something is wrong.

  • Sometimes, your newborn will cry, just because she can cry.
  • If you are sure that your newborn is not hungry, and you have checked on the diaper and your newborn’s temperature and all seems fine, your newborn probably is fine. Do not worry about it anymore but just be around.

14. Newborns Produce Milk:

During pregnancy, a lot of your hormonal changes reach your unborn baby and show up for some time after birth too.

  • You will notice that your newborn, whether girl or boy, will produce milk from the nipples for the initial few weeks after birth.
  • Do not be alarmed, as it will stop eventually, but do speak to your baby’s doctor and ask what you should do about it.

15. Newborns Have To Take A Series Of Vaccinations:

You never realize how many vaccinations your newborn needs unless you start those doctor visits.

  • Your newborn will need a host of vaccinations in the first few months to keep various infections and diseases at bay.
  • If you feel you are not up to it, ask your partner or a grandparent to help while holding your newborn for the shots.

A newborn is truly a bundle of joy, but you will need some time and energy to get adjusted to this little angel you have in your arms. So instead of getting worried and losing sleep, keep note of the above and enjoy your new motherhood status.

Moms, what was that one thing that surprised or shocked you about your newborn? Tell us about it below.

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