Sushmita Sen's Daughter Alisah's Essay On Adoption 'Had Her In Tears'

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Sushmita Sen is one woman who has been inspiring millions by breaking stereotypes and patriarchal ideologies since the day she adopted her two kids. Especially in India where adoption is still considered as an unconventional method of having a family, the former Miss Universe pageant has truly been a classic example for everyone to look at adoption in a new light. For those of you who may not know, the actress had adopted her first child, Renee in 2000, and brought home her second daughter Alisah a decade later, in 2010. Sushmita has been pretty vocal about her struggles of battling India’s adoption laws in court and how adopting a second girl child was ever harder for her.

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The proud mother of two recently had an emotional moment with her 10-year-old daughter, Alisah who penned down a beautiful essay on why one should adopt kids. An emotional Sushmita can be seen being absolutely smitten by her daughter’s essay in the video. After reading the essay, the actress even asks her daughter if she wrote it all by herself.

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Alisah who was given the title ‘Adopting a child from the orphanage’ perhaps as a school assignment makes a strong case of why one shouldn’t be concerned or have any qualms of an adopted child not being their biological one. She also states that the responsibilities of a parent with an adopted child and biological one are no different, and how by adopting one will have happiness in their family. She goes on to say that by adopting, one gets to give life to someone and they also have the opportunity to choose a child who doesn’t have parents. She says that by adopting a child one gets to be different and also experience the beautiful feeling of knowing that you gave life in such a way that you saved one. She continues by saying kids are like clay, so whomever they meet, they will fall in love with that person. And since orphans never get love, they should be given love. The 10-year-old ends her essay on the note ‘Adopt a child out of love.’ Alisah also gives examples of Bollywood celebrities such as Sunny Leone and her mother who adopted kids and inspired others.

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When asked by Sushmita if she wrote it by herself, Alisah nods and says yes. She also says how she had to reflect on her past and present as the same thing had happened to her and how it was an amazing feeling.

The actress frequently uploads pictures with her daughters on her social media page where they can be seen traveling and having fun. It is very evident that the actress shares a special bond with her two girls. Rohman Shawl, Sushmita’s boyfriend also frequently shares pictures with the family.

Sushmita had previously talked about adopting her two girls in an interview earlier this year. She shared her thoughts on adoption by explaining how a mother and child are connected by an umbilical cord in natural birth, and how in adoption they are connected by a higher power that cannot be cut off. The actress further added how it’s been a privilege to experience motherhood twice. The former beauty pageant feels she has given birth from her heart and goes on to say that there hasn’t been a single day where she didn’t experience the joy of motherhood (1).

In one of her interviews, the actress had also spoken about how she wanted her kids to find out about their birth parents once they are adults. The actress explained to her kids how they could go to the court and look at the information in an envelope. She believes they have the right to know about the information and don’t want to give them the wrong facts or break their hearts (2).

You can check out the adorable video of Alisah reading out her essay below:


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