7 Swaddling Alternatives To Comfort Your Baby

Swaddling Alternatives To Comfort Your Baby

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Swaddling can be the perfect way to settle down and put your baby into that blissful slumber, isn’t it? Yes, swaddling makes the baby feel secure as it provides a womb-like feeling. But, what if your baby is not comfortable being swaddled. In some cases, swaddling can make your baby feel conjusted and hot, leaving him no space to move around or stretch. Swaddling a baby who has just learned how to roll can pose a suffocation hazard, too.

Are you wondering how else you can keep your baby comfortable without swaddling? Then here are some alternatives to baby swaddling:

  1. Swaddle with arms out: Swaddling seems to be an easier option for most mothers. You could still continue swaddling but leave slight room for the baby to move around. Put on clothes that are comfortable, not too hot, just right to keep him warm. Swaddle him with his arms out so he can stretch out when he wants to and will keep him happy and comfortable.
  1. Carrier: Wear your baby! Once it’s time for your baby to sleep, just place him in a carrier and carry him around the house. After he’s in his sound sleep, take him out gently from the carrier and put him in the crib. This works well for fussy sleepers. Mother and father can alternate carrying the baby in the sling each day, so that the baby gets used to both the parents.
  1. Sleeping bag: This sack like bag keeps the baby snug, warm, and cozy and also provides enough space to move around. Sleeping bag has its advantages:
  • The baby’s arms are out of the bag. So, if he wants to move around, he can do that easily and also roll over on his tummy. He can kick and move his legs.
  • This bag is easy to use – you can just zip up, and there is no chance of your baby wiggling out. The two side zipper allows you to change diapers easily.
  • As the baby grows older, it’s easier to transition him to the sleeping bag from swaddling. It also works perfectly for babies who move around a lot while they sleep.

The fabric is soft, comfortable, flexible, and machine washable.

  1. Cuddle in arms: Just place him close to you and wrap him with a light weight blanket. Make sure you check on him often to prevent any mishap.
  1. Sounds of music: Play baby’s lullabies or sing it out to him to put him to sleep. Make sure that you play out the lullabies only at bedtime and not any other time. Remember you are using this to put him to bed, so he has to associate lullabies with sleep.
  1. Rocking or swaying: Rocking is one thing babies love and it mostly put them to bed. You could use your own rocking chair or the baby’s glider chair and let the baby rest on your bosom and sway away until he falls asleep.
  1. Try bedtime rituals: Don’t stick to one method to put the baby to bed. Try different bedtime rituals such as massage, warm shower, soothing music, and gentle rocking. Observe what works for him and set that as a bedtime routine.

If you think swaddling is making it too hot for your baby, then put on a onesie, cap, mittens, and socks, and wrap him with a light weight blanket.

Some babies like to be swaddled, and some don’t. But, it’s worth trying these alternative methods to know what’s making him happy, comfortable, and warm.

Did you try any alternatives to swaddling for your baby? Do let us know by commenting below.

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