15 Symptoms That Make Pregnancy Weird But Are Harmless

Symptoms That Make Pregnancy Weird But Are Harmless

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The obsessed you, especially during pregnancy, is fraught with many questions, even about the minutest sneeze. Everything seems unfamiliar. You will detest everything. The only cue to know that you are actually doing well is that everything seems lackadaisical, you don’t feel one with yourself, and the weird new body is making you gnaw at squishy balls or puke just about anywhere. So read on you preggo and take a look for yourself as to what is totally normal and doesn’t call for an emergency during pregnancy:

1. Fatigued- like a dead dog…literally!

You have only marathoned through the first trimester. There are two more semesters to go, so don’t think you are dead already!

2. A Round-The-Clock Flu:

Start getting used to it because you will have days like this often. Unless your thermometer shows the mercury rising, you don’t need to call the doc. The feeling is a way of telling your body that there is something going on inside you – this time for good!

3. You Repel Everything That You Once Loved The Smell Of:

Thanks to the super olfaction this time around. You will want to keep your husband away, let alone avoid the fav foods you raved about until you got pregnant.

4. Spotting:

You might not have heard about spotting because women usually do not go about declaring their spotting episodes. You can imagine the worst – a miscarriage. It is quite normal to have spotting during pregnancy, but if there is an increase in the quantities, do call your doctor!

5. Horror Movie Style Vaginal Discharge:

Slimy, thick, white or yellow. It is leukorrhea, and unless it smells foul, you don’t need to rush to the doctor.

6. Period-Like Cramps:

It’s pretty common to experience this in pregnancy. But if the pains are excessive, you should seek medical help.

7. Unpredictable Headaches:

Not a migraine! You are just pregnant, babe.

8. Spots And Pigmentation:

Unless you thought that the most bizarre thing was happening to you – you aren’t a dreaded cheetah – the spots and skin tags occur are called melasma and happen due to hormonal changes. They vanish after pregnancy; so a dermatology consultation could be a waste of time and money.

9. The Tailbone Pain:

Nope, you aren’t growing a tail! Your tailbone is just moving around to make space for that growing belly. So expect a shift in weights.

10. Sharp Abdominal Pains:

It could occur in the second and the third trimesters because the round ligament that supports your belly begins to stretch. Call your doc only if it gets unbearable.

11. Numb Hands:

Tingling and numbness of wrists, arms and fingers are signs of carpal tunnel syndrome. Your arms and fingers could swell; nothing unusual about it. Consider removing your wedding ring for until after pregnancy!

12. Swollen Gums:

Again, nothing unusual; gestational gingivitis is the name for tender, swollen gums during pregnancy.

14. Your Pee Smells Different:

Your sense of olfaction is already working differently, so you might get weird odors.

15. Metallic Taste:

Thanks to the hormonal changes, more than likely to have these tastes. It’s not due to an overdose of iron supplements unless you indeed are taking too many of these pills.

Ever experienced these? Been there already? Write back to us then!

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