5 Ways To Teach Kids About Festivals

 Ways To Teach Kids About Festivals

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Festivals are a time of celebration. It brings people together and teaches them the importance of culture, tradition, and spending time with friends and family. It’s also about love, happiness, excitement, and respecting cultures. In a country like India, where there are hundreds of festivals, people are exposed to different festivals, making it a beautiful mix of cultural diversity. While festivals include new clothes, colorful decorations, delicious food, mouth-watering desserts, dancing and games, the most important aspect is its significance. You might know it but your kids most probably do not. They know it’s a celebration but do not understand its importance beyond the fun and frolic. As parents, you must teach them about festivals and here are 5 ways to do it:

1. Explanation


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Kids are more likely to be more involved with festivals if they understand the story behind them. The fascinating tales of history keep them curious and excited to learn more about it. To make them understand the significance of a festival, explain to them the story of how it came about. Almost all festivals are celebrations of some sort, and narrating the tale to them makes it easier for them to understand. Your kids will learn about it faster and also retain it in their memory. You could also get books and movies that depict stories of festivals in a creative way.

2. Inclusion


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Kids love festivals because of the gifts they receive and the delicious sweets they get to eat. But you could get them excited about other things about the festival too. Involve them in the preparations. Kids will feel valued when they are included in the process. Get their ideas on making decorations. If your kid is a little older, tell them to take care of the decorations themselves. Get them to help you with cooking the festival’s delicacies, and in no time, your kids will look forward to the celebrations.

3. Encouragement


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During the time of festivities, several cultural activities are held in and around cities. Encourage your kids to participate in them. They will learn a lot more about the festival and get to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Your kids can also showcase their talents through these events. Painting, dance, singing, skits, and quizzes are some of the most common events during a festival. You could also organize something of your own for your kids and the kids around the block.

4. Preparation


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Exchanging sweets with loved ones during a festival is a common practice followed in our country. Teach your kids the tradition of exchanging sweets and other festive delicacies. Each festival will have its own set of sweets and snacks to exchange. Let them help you make these sweets and allow them to distribute them among friends and family. Your kids will be excited to hand out handmade cookies and treats.

5. Shopping


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Let’s be honest; shopping makes everyone happy, age no bar. Take your kids’ festival shopping with you, and you will be bringing in the festive spirit. Include them in decisions that involve buying decor, clothes, sweets, and other things related to a festival. During the season of Diwali, Christmas, and Holi, several fairs, exhibitions, and bazaar’s take place. Take your kids to experience them, and don’t miss out on the fun.

The best part about festivals is that you do not have to limit yourself to celebrating the ones only from your culture. Festivals are all about spending time with family and friends to rejoice, celebrate and make everlasting memories. So, in a diverse country like India, where we have several festivals and cultures, teaching your kids about every major festival is a great thing. It teaches kids inclusivity, acceptance, and diversity. What is your most favorite festival? Comment below and let us know.