I Have Days Where I Just Cry: Teejay Sidhu On Struggles Post Pregnancy 

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Pregnancy is not a walk in the park. Your body goes through numerous changes, and you are engulfed in a sea of emotions that you probably do not anticipate. It’s a lot, sometimes even more than you thought you signed up for. The hormonal changes, the aches and pains in your body, and the roller coaster of mood swings that sometimes make you lose control of your “sane” behaviors are not pleasant. But it’s what every pregnant woman goes through, some handle it a tad better than others, but everyone experiences these changes. It can be overwhelming and might feel like it’s never-ending.

You might seem hopeful that things will change after pregnancy once your baby is born, and you hold them in your arms. But that might not be entirely the case with some moms. People don’t talk enough about the struggles new moms go through post-pregnancy, and it’s time that changes. Recently, Teejay Sidhu shared her post-pregnancy struggles, and it’s truly refreshing to see a celebrity keeping it real. Read this article to know more.

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On March 13th, 2021, Indian television actress Teejay Sidhu opened up about her post-pregnancy strive for normalcy in a genuinely honest Instagram post. She said that she has days that make her cry. “My body has healed so fast, but my emotions are still raw.” Teejay Sidhu expresses her plight, and every mother can relate to it. She says that it could be the pregnancy hormones, but she couldn’t help but think about the day her baby will be seventeen. Teejay reveals how it’s inevitable that her baby grows up and goes off to college, maybe somewhere far away, and while she might be excited, it will only make Teejay feel sad.

Teejay talks about how her baby Vanessa might want to travel the world. She will make big life decisions by herself and be excited to say that she has grown up. The actress and mommy of three states that Vanessa might be a grown-up standing in front of her, but all she will see will be her baby, who she used to hold in her arms. She says that she will remember how small, sweet, and helpless she used to be and how her little daughter depended on her for everything. Teejay talks about remembering Vanessa’s warm smile that would make her heart melt.

The post was so honest and heartfelt that every mother could understand the rush of emotions going through Teejay’s mind and body. The television actress said that she understands that she is supposed to enjoy this phase in her life and not overthink. But she states how she is just an emotional mom sometimes and cannot help feel overwhelmed. The actress further asks her followers if it’s just her or if everyone feels this way too. “Do others also feel like they’re losing their children even before they’ve grown?”, is something Teejay wonders.

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Her post spoke about experiences that most mothers fail to address. The beautiful mom showed us that it’s natural to be moved by emotions, perhaps due to hormonal changes or just stepping into motherhood.

Teejay shared another post on Instagram the next day with an adorable picture of her and her baby. She wrote, “And just like that, I’m on top of the world again.” Her candidness and unfiltered expression of her emotional state have been eye-openers to several women who think it’s abnormal to feel all the feels after their pregnancy.

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Her husband Karanvir Bohra and she were blessed with a baby girl on December 21st, 2020. After having twin girls, the third baby was an addition to the Bohra-Sidhu family, and the parents were more than thrilled. Karanvir expressed his happiness by saying that he has become Charlie and his daughters are his three angels. He called them Laxmi, Saraswati, and Parvati and said that he considers himself most blessed.

We thank Teejay for her beautifully expressive post. We hope that every mom understands that it’s natural to feel emotional and that they’re not alone!