Little Tyrants: All The Phases From Birth To Age Seven

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Kids are adorable. Everything, from their tiny body parts to their innocent minds, is something every parent loves to behold. It’s no wonder parents have such an inexplicable level of love and affection for their kids. The true definition of unconditional love.

For all their adorable nature, kids are also the worst. This statement is particularly true as they develop through stages and become a real piece of work.

Unfortunately, this situation doesn’t taper off until much later. We feel we should prepare your mind for what to expect from your kids through their various stages of development so you can better handle their tyranny.

The “Is That All You Do?” First Six Months

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As a new parent, you will always display this unimaginable level of affection and care for your child that even you didn’t know you were capable of. You would spend hours bonding and letting them cuddle away in your embrace. And you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from feeling so overwhelmed.

But you begin to realize babies do nothing than sleep and cuddle away. With time, you begin to grumble at their sleep-all-day attitude. When this stage passes, and it will, you’d wish for it to come back.

The Wounded Walking Ones

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Time to get your game face on because this is where the real work begins. When kids begin to walk, they develop a sense of freedom and independence that gets them all fired up and excited. They want to go anywhere and everywhere even when all they can do is manage to string a few steps together.

You’d think a few falls and unpleasant experiences would make them more cautious, but no. It’s up to you to ensure their path is clear, and that they don’t walk into any inanimate object. Sounds easy? Think again.

By the time your whole body is worse for wear from the hours spent hunching over, getting a deep tissue massage will become non-negotiable.

Beware Of Age Two

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Kids are naturally curious and inquisitive in a way that makes them insufferable. But you never get a feel of this until they’re two years old. You should be prepared for any terror-situation as soon as your child begins to near this age.

Only with that level of preparedness can you handle their destructive behavior, blatant disregard for instructions, and general naughtiness. With a two-year-old around, consider the terror threat level of your home on a permanent high.


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The name tells you all you probably need to know about kids this age. But don’t think it gets better or easier at this age because it doesn’t.

Threenagers are everything like a two-year-old child, but with an added twist—they are like little teenagers without the braces.

In essence, you should expect your three-year-old kid to have a behavior similar to that of a teenager—the sassiness, eye-rolling, and off-handed compliments. Expect everything.

The Brutal Fours

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At age four, kids are delightful. But don’t get fooled; four-year-old kids are brutal. Nothing you say is ever correct, and they’ll stop at nothing to prove you’re wrong.

It doesn’t stop there. Aside from trying to prove you wrong, they could make you feel like the worst parent ever. But, still, they’re adorable.

The Easy Fives

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Finally, some reprieve. At age five, your child finally begins to dump some of those baby stuff. No more diapers and child seats.

Your child is gradually becoming a real human being who doesn’t pee their pants or throw unwarranted tantrums.

The Sassy Sixes

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If you have a six-year-old, then you have yourself an expert in, well, everything. You can call them the 2.0 version of age four.

Essentially, don’t get too comfortable with your fantastic five-year-old, or the sassy sixes will deal with you in ways you never imagined.

The Grown-Up Sevens

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The life of a seven-year-old is that of sleepovers, playdates, and drop-off birthday parties. This age marks the stage where your child starts having a social life that doesn’t revolve around you. And the sooner you realize this, the better it is for everyone.

Being a parent is a fulfilling experience. But don’t forget, it’s also an incredibly tough job. As your child goes through various development stages, so does your responsibilities and challenges. So it’s best you prepare your mind because your infant wouldn’t remain a baby forever.

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