Text Message Mix-Up Lands Newborn With Unexpected Gifts

Text Message Mix-Up Lands Newborn With Unexpected Gifts

Image credit: The Independent

To expect a Comedy of Errors in real life is probably rare. However, a mix-up and indeed getting a surprise gift turned out to be rather real for the mom. Recently, Dennis Williams received a text from a total stranger about a newborn, and he decided to surprise the baby with a gift.

The stranger texted that they were at the hospital and were having their baby that day, and his partner and soon-to-be mom had dilated to between 5-6.

While Williams knew that they had the wrong number, he first chose to congratulate them before he let them know. But, the stranger simply responded with a photo of the baby captioned: “7 lbs. 11 oz.”

Williams replied saying that he didn’ t know them, but that he and the boys would be there to click pictures with the baby.

Williams also offered to show up at the Florida-area hospital with gifts for the newborn. As if that wasn’t enough, he even surprised the family with his brother Deorick.

The family were touched by the brothers’ generous gesture. They even wrote a heartfelt response to the brother on Facebook and said that they had text-messaged Mr. Williams accidentally about Mark and Lindsey having a baby, to a number they thought belonged to someone else, but it belonged to Dennis Williams. On the post, the family even acknowledged that the brothers had paid them a visit and bought the baby a small gift. “What a blessing these two guys were to our family,” they said on Facebook.

The family thought that the brothers were too kind and sweet with the gesture of giving to someone they didn’t know meant so much and wish everyone had a heart like theirs. They have extended their thanks and blessings to the brothers in their post. Moreover, they have urged people to share the post so it could reach the brothers.

Well, we wish that their post of gratitude has got through to the boys already. An act of kindness could elicit such heart-warming response will be talked about for a while.

This simple case of a mix-up, which could have been embarassing for them, turned out to be a blessing in disguise. However, here’s when mistaken identities could do for you, especially if you are gunning for that job you want.

We suggest you double check all the phone numbers you have on your phone and maintain a distinguishable or unique online reputation to save yourself any embarrassment. Not, everyone is Dennis Williams.

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