Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids

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Thanksgiving is that time of the year when you get to count your blessings and feel grateful for them. It is also the time of the year when you get to nestle with your precious little ones. With the holiday season nearing, you might catch them excited and feeling festive. Finding something productive to do as you gear up for Christmas will do wonders for your relationship with your children.

Gaining children’s attention is not easy. How can you lure them into creating something together this holiday season? We have a list of the easy crafts both you and the little ones will enjoy making.

1. Paper Turkey

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Paper is to crafts what turkey is to Thanksgiving. We have all played around with a pair of scissors and a piece of paper in our childhood. No matter how our craft turned out, the process was itself the reward. Fortunately, that feeling knows no age. If you are looking to spend some quality time with your young ones, grab a sheet of paper and get creative. Be it a turkey or a pumpkin, they will both go with the Thanksgiving theme.

2. Turkey Centerpiece

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Bend the tradition a little and set a different kind of turkey alongside at the center of your table. Make a turkey out of the leftovers from your Thanksgiving cooking. Rope your children into this little side project and make them feel part of the preparation. Marshmallows, jellies, potatoes or pumpkins, make your own turkey figurine that will give your dinner table a different edge.

3. Handmade Thanksgiving Cards

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Inculcate a sense of gratitude in your kids from a very young age. While traditions such as Thanksgiving sure help in that, sometimes the purpose behind it is lost in translation. To make sure that you celebrate Thanksgiving in the real spirit of the holiday, encourage the members of your family to take the time to say Thank You. Is there a better way to express gratitude than making handwritten thank you notes? Make this a tradition in your family, especially among the kids.

4. Turkey Pop-Up Cards

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If you are willing to go a little ahead and get crafty, then make the cards a little more fancy by adding a pop-up. A turkey pop-up is not only easy to make and inviting to look at, but it is also perfectly in line with the theme. A small turkey puppet ready to pop-up at the center of your Thanksgiving card is definitely a winner.

5. Thanksgiving Handprint Art

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Those who have done hand printing would definitely remember how fun it is. Get your hands a little dirty and dip your fingers into some paint to make your own handprint art. Let your kids know the joy of painting with their fingers. Pool them in for a session in making a handprint turkey or a pumpkin and add these to the holiday decor.

6. Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath

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It is equally fun to go around the house scavenging for things that will make an excellent wreath to decorate the front door. A turkey wreath, for example, can be made from materials within the house, like paper or cardboard. With a good splash of paint and some attachments, your turkey wreath might be good to go.

7. Glittering Turkey Treat Pots

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Finally, if you are ready to add some glitter to the fun, a glittering turkey treat pot might be a good craft to do. Now, this might need some paper, scissors, some paint, and some glitter. You may use a rubber ball or a cup as the base to which glitter can be glued to. This might also be the perfect excuse to splatter some glitter around and on each other.

This Thanksgiving, go beyond just the turkey and dinner and do something fun and joyous with your little munchkin. If you have decided which one of these crafts you are going to do for Thanksgiving, let us know!

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