The 14 Toughest Kids’ Questions Guaranteed To Stump Any Adult

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If God really resides in kids, then he has a weird way of testing our knowledge of the world around us. Children almost always asked the darnedest things! And all you can do is get stumped, utter a couple of ‘umms’ and ‘errs’ and quickly Google the right answer so that s/he doesn’t think you’re stupid.

But for the times when Google can’t save you, we’ve come up with 14 of the toughest questions kids ask (along with their answers) so that you can talk to your child with confidence!

1. Are Grown-Ups Better Than Children?

“Adults” and “children” are two words considered to be opposite to each other. Which is why your child may think adults are better. However, it’s important you tell your child that adults can be both good and bad too.

2. Why Do Clocks Run In A Clockwise Motion?

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This can be explained with the help of a sundial. You can show them how sundials measure time by examining shadows that move clockwise.

3. Why Doesn’t Everyone Talk In The Same Language?

Instead of complicating this one, just tell your children that millions of years ago everyone spoke the same language. But as the number of people grew and they traveled, new languages came about.

4. Do Animals Have A Language Of Their Own?

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Most animals can communicate with each other even if they live miles apart. However, birds have regional accents just like us humans!

5. What Is Time?

Don’t go all scientific on your child! Explain to them that time is a way to measure life, and helps in remembering events like birthdays, for example.

6. Why Do I Look And Talk Like This?

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The best answer you can give your child?

“You are unique and special in your way. There’s none other like you.”

7. Why Was I Born?

If they’re not old enough for the real birds and the bees talk, tell them – mommy and daddy really love each other and wanted to have a family; hence, their little one was born.

8. If Lying Is Bad, Why Do Adults Do It?

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Forget about explaining the concept of white lies! Tell your child you made a mistake by lying if they catch you do it and apologize for it. This’ll help them learn to own up to their mistakes.

9. Why Doesn’t He Or She Like Me?

Since your child is used to being treated specially, someone not liking them at school can irk them. Sit them down and tell them: just like they like one flavor of ice cream and dislike another, the same rule can apply to people. Tell them it’s okay if everybody doesn’t like them.

10. How Do I Choose The Right One?

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Kids often get confused easily. When they look to you for a choice, tell them to listen to their heart and trust their instinct, as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

11. How Does The Moon Come Up During The Day?

This is a great opportunity to teach them about the solar system and how the planets revolve around the sun. You can turn this into a little game, too, if you want!

12. What Makes Up A Rainbow?

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Not candies and unicorns for sure! However, the concept of light refraction can be difficult to explain, so stick to ‘water and light’ as the answer to that.

13. Where Does Poop Go After Flushing In An Airplane?

Don’t let them think it’s dropped off the plane like bird poop! Airplanes have special waste containers and the sewage is disposed of by the ground staff after the plane lands.

14. What’s Going To Happen If I Get On Mars Without A Space Suit?

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Earth and Mars have different air pressures, and Mars’ air pressure is way lower than our planet’s. Which means walking on Mars without a space suit will boil your blood completely!

The questions of children can be a great learning experience, not just for them but also for you. So, make sure you take the time out to give them the right answers!

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