The Nurse Puts A Stethoscope On This Cutie, Watch Him Innocently Steal Everyone's Heart!

Imagine a world without innocence! That is how it would be if we did not have babies around us. In these times of fast-paced lives and a rapidly-changing world, these little ones are like a breath of fresh air. Their innocent smiles and unconditional affection for their near ones in particular – and everyone else in general – can light up any dull day. They make us believe that great things like love, humanity, and affection will never change. And, no matter where they go, these adorable angels continue to spread sunshine.

It is no wonder then that these cute little munchkins are a rage on social media too. Whether it is a celebrity kid or random babies, their adorable acts have crashed the internet. One such video that we came across recently was that of a cute little baby boy undergoing a checkup at a hospital. Now, one would expect kids to start bawling the moment they enter a hospital. But this little baby proved everyone wrong by not only quietly undergoing his checkup but also doing something that is sure to make you go ‘Awww’ or ‘Cho Cuuuttttee’!

At the beginning of the video, we can see that the cute little munchkin is sitting atop a hospital bed. The nurse already has her stethoscope on his chest and is trying to check his breath. Standing right behind him is his mother trying to hold him steady in one position. Going by the way the mother is lightly massaging her baby’s back, it is evident that she is anticipating that he may start crying at any given point of time. Even the nurse seems to be anticipating this which is why she tries to tickle his belly. You can even hear the nurse saying something to make him smile as the mother continues to caress his back. Slowly, the nurse moves her stethoscope and begins checking the baby. All this while, we can see the baby looking up affectionately at the nurse. We also notice that the baby is gradually tilting towards the nurse. And then, what he does next definitely comes as a sweet surprise yet totally unexpected.

As the nurse moves the stethoscope around his chest, her hand comes close to the baby’s left ear. The baby, who was already tilting, grabs the opportunity by sliding his head on her hand and resting the head. He gives a naughty smile while doing so. Isn’t that so adorable? Exactly. This cute gesture even made the nurse smile and chuckle a bit.

But wait, here is the twist in the tale! Take a second look at the video closely. In the portion just before the baby lies his head on the nurse’s hand, you’ll realize that the baby is actually looking at the camera! Yes, indeed! It means that all this while the baby was aware that he is being captured on camera. And the very moment the camera comes close to him, he smiles and then places his head on the nurse’s hand. What’s more? After hearing the exclamations of everyone around, he quickly becomes aware that he is doing something nice and it’s getting him all the attention. And what does he do? He flashes that mischievous smile and continues to remain in the same position. Much to the delight of the nurse who couldn’t stop herself from eventually caressing his cheeks. So, not only is this baby cute but he is also smart and camera-conscious!

We have often seen how kids seek attention and love the affection and accolades coming their way right from a very young age. No wonder then that they love to get captured on camera. And not only that, they even love to watch their own videos and photos over and over again. But then, who’s complaining? This video, and many such similar ones, certainly make our day. Have you tried this on your baby yet? Do so and let us know your baby’s reaction in the comments section below.

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