Men And Lovemaking: The One Thing Men Want More Than Lovemaking

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If you feel like you’ve paid all the dues and you’re still stuck in the same dating cycle with all the wrong men, maybe it’s time to get that magnifying glass. Most of us women, at some point or the other in life, would have thought that when a man looks at a woman, all he can see is her in the bed. They are out there being all macho and physically intimate while we struggle to find someone who can break through all the stereotypes and get vulnerable with us. Well, it’s not impossible to find that man or dig out the quality from the depths of your man’s heart. All you got to do is to understand what men actually want from their partner.

What Is The Deepest Desire Of Men?

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So, what do men really crave for? You will be surprised to know that there is a better answer than “hot action in the bed”. As women, we often fail to understand the sensitive person that lives inside the “manly” skin of our partner. As a boy grows up, he’s expected to behave manly and strong both physically as well as emotionally. “Big boys don’t cry,” “don’t be a sissy,” and “sensitive men are not real men” are some of the most common things that men grow up listening to. This conditions their mind to believe that they have to be conventionally manly. Men crave to remove this skin for a while and be with a woman who doesn’t judge him for being sensitive; he feels secure around her.

Who Is The Conventional Man?

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One of the most important traits of a conventional man is that he always wants to make love. He needs to initiate the mating by attracting and pursuing the partner, very much like most of the animals. Of course, it’s not true to all the men who we meet; there are women who like to take initiative when it comes to physical intimacy. The age-old stereotypes are slowly fading away with time. Unfortunately, we are not quite there in a place where none of the stereotypes exist and we still need to break the myths through educating ourselves about what men really want.

Most of the men that we meet may exhibit an initial stage of manliness. But once we get to know them better, we feel how immature and boyish they are. Once a man gets comfortable with you, he seeks for a safe harbor within you. He wants to be that sensitive boy that he was never allowed to be all these years. Consider it as a compliment or not, this means that he is ready to be vulnerable around you. It may not be very easy to deal with a man who becomes a boy around you because we all need someone who is mature and responsible. No woman wants a man-child and things can go haywire if partners aren’t willing to understand each other’s needs.

How To Give Your Man What He Really Wants?

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You don’t need to be his mother to take care of him when he is vulnerable. You just need to be his best friend. It’s often more difficult for men to open up than women and if he opens up with you, he trusts you. Comfort him and be his shelter without pampering him to a point where he becomes totally dependent on you. Make sure that you don’t feel like you’re the only one taking care of everything because that is going to make you exhausted. Talk to him and figure things out because once you find the perfect balance between comforting him and encouraging him to be independent, you will find that amazing equation that you’ve always been searching for.

To all the amazing ladies out there, if he isn’t as “manly” and physically intimate as the society standards demand, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in you. A true man needs you in a lot many ways than just in his bed.

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