The Unspoken Side Of Long-Term Relationships Revealed In 15 Brutally Honest Illustrations

The feeling of being loved is something that everyone wants. This is why, when you finally find someone you can spend the rest of your life with, it feels amazing and euphoric.

Based out of Los Angeles, a highly-accomplished artist, Amanda Oleander, is a master at depicting the intricacies of love. She is the woman behind an illustrated series that shows how beautiful love becomes with time.

We bring here 15 of those unique illustrations by Amanda, which give a sneak peek into how a real long-term relationship looks like. These depictions can be found on her official Instagram handle – @amandaoleander.

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1. Morning Breath Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Morning Breath Doesn't Matter Anymore

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

Here, we see a couple madly in love waking up together. Let’s face the facts – no one looks great in the morning, nor does anyone smell like roses. But, if you have been with each other long enough, these trivial details hardly matter. You’re just content knowing you’re next to each other.

2. Cuddling Is Blissful

Cuddling Is Blissful

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

You might think that sleeping all cuddled up with each other will stop with time. On the contrary, the closer you get to each other, the more you cherish that cuddling. Spooning makes the other person feel loved and secure. Those arms are like a safe haven, aren’t they?

3. Grocery Shopping Becomes Fun

Grocery Shopping Becomes Fun

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

A long, healthy relationship can become even more gratifying when a couple starts enjoying the most mundane of activities, in each other’s company. While grocery shopping can be boring otherwise, it becomes quite an adventure when you do it with your significant other.

4. Their Pimples Do Not Gross You Out Anymore

Their Pimples Do Not Gross You Out Anymore

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

When you’ve been together since forever, the other person’s body doesn’t spook you out anymore. In fact, you might even get excited about spotting a pimple he didn’t know exists. And, you might make it your mission to cure that. Obviously, by popping it!

5. You Appreciate The Little Things

You Appreciate The Little Things

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

Together for long enough, you start helping each other out. Neither one wants the other to do all the household chores – be it cleaning, laundry, or grocery shopping. You share responsibilities and also ensure that the other person knows how much a helping hand is appreciated.

6. A Hug Is All You Need

A Hug Is All You Need

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

A hug can work wonders on anyone. Most couples will vouch how all the stress seems to disappear after getting a tight hug from their partner. A feeling which is truly delightful, isn’t it?

7. Couches Are Meant For Snuggling

Couches Are Meant For Snuggling

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

The idea of a perfect day? Here, it is. Snuggling with your partner on the couch while sipping a cup of hot tea and watching a random television show. Don’t you agree?

8. All In Light Humor!

All In Light Humor!

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

Things don’t get boring just because two people have been with each other for a long time. Ask any couple. You will be told unanimously how not a single day passes without sharing a laugh at each other’s expense.

9. Seeing Each Other After A Hectic Day Is The Best

Seeing Each Other After A Hectic Day Is The Best

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

The highlight of the day for most couples is when they finally come home to each other after a long, tiring day. It is just the best feeling ever, isn’t it?

10. Finding Excuses To Smell Their Hair

Finding Excuses To Smell Their Hair

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

When you are madly in love, the smell of their hair can be enough to intoxicate you. Especially, when your partner has just stepped out of the shower with wet hair.

11. Gazing At The Stars

Gazing At The Stars

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

Random activities like killing time looking at the stars become more romantic once you are deeply in love. With your partner in tow, you could probably count all the stars out there and still not fall short of time.

12. Falling Asleep During A Movie

Falling Asleep During A Movie

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

Any couple will tell you how their partner ditched and fell asleep during a movie they suggested in the first place. Can you relate?

13. Dancing Behind Closed Doors

Dancing Behind Closed Doors

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

No matter how cheesy it sounds, most couples dance to romantic songs once that door is closed. Caught you!

14. Sharing Food With Each Other

Sharing Food With Each Other

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

While you might not like sharing food with everyone, your partner is a sweet exception to that rule. The math is simple – each one buys a different variety and shares it with the other.

15. Love Is Forever

Love Is Forever

Image: amandaoleander/Instagram

Once you have found the one, you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. Another day without that person seems hard. And, the days look brighter when they are by your side.

We are sure that these illustrations brought a huge smile to your face, as you reminisced those memories with your partner. After all, there is no better feeling than finding your soulmate, isn’t it?

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