The Untold Truths Of C-Section Mamas

The Untold Truths Of C-Section Mamas

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A talented photographer takes photos of women giving birth; she documents the miracle of life and tells a story of each woman’s experience while they give birth. The photographer has an eye for every candid moment, from the struggle to the unbridled joy. But most of all, she says that all births, no matter the circumstances, are beautiful.

Typically, when one talks about amazing childbirth stories, it’s the remarkable, abnormal, and the seemingly incredible- you get the picture. For example, remember that woman who gave birth in her bathtub while her husband caught the baby, as no one else was around? What about the time when a woman, ready for an emergency c-section, felt the need to push. So she did, and her baby came out feet first right on the operating table. Feet first!

All these stories and examples are fantastic, and something women look up to. However, this photographer wants to document stories of the “unsung birth heroes”, who don’t necessarily have crazy birthing stories, like the women we talk about above. These moms are the ones who have had C-sections, which take a lot of strength and courage as well. It may not seem normal to many, but there’s beauty in cesareans.

Psst -April is meant to be Caesarean Awareness month, so keep that in mind!

C-Sections require strength:

Many moms will tell you that the c-section was the last thing they wanted. Moreover, the experience is anything but what you imagine, and most women experience “something entirely different.” Surely, you have an image of what it would be like in your head, but turns out, that image would be turned upside down. A c-section can occur because of your personal choice, medical necessity, or it could simply be the doctor’s choice for various reasons.

If it’s your choice, you have time to prepare for a c-section. But some moms who don’t have a choice, sometimes barely have any time at all to prepare themselves. So, your plan goes down the drain, and you have to have surgery. You’ll take longer to recover, and you don’t get to hold your baby immediately. Now that requires strength.

Us humans take a while to adapt to sudden changes, and we sure don’t like it at first. This is probably how moms feel when they learn that they have to have a caesarean. Moving onto the surgery, you have to deal with being cut open, your intestines sticking out, and that surgery takes months of recovery – much longer than a natural birth.

C-Sections make moms beautiful:

As you know, all operations leave you with scars, and a c-section scar isn’t any different, although it may just be more prominent. However, the meaning behind a c-section scar can be positive and happy or even negative and upsetting; it depends on how you look at it and what was your experience. At the end of the day, though, it’s still beautiful because it represents your emotional and physical strength. The scar represents the miracle of you introducing a human being into the world.

Every wound and its scar are different – from its appearance to its texture, to its size and location. They’re all unique, just like the women themselves; and just like their birthing stories. As is the case with all scars and marks, they subside and blend in with time, or they even heal completely. This is the same with most c-section scars, which will always be a reminder of celebration, beauty, and strength.

So, don’t be ashamed of your scar, or if you know someone who is, be sure to flaunt it because you’re only showing the world and yourself your bravery and accomplishment.

Bet you didn’t look at c-section mothers this way now did you? Let’s just keep in mind that all moms, no matter their experience are all beautiful and brave.

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