These Are The Things I Want My Daughter To Know

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My precious daughter,

A day will come when you are old enough to have your own computer. Hopefully, you will find me somewhere in the crowded web world and come across this list of things I wish for you to know. Probably, I could have written it on a piece of paper and given it to you. But, we both know that it would have eventually gotten lost under the heaps of course papers.

Understandably, you might freak out a bit. You might also remember those times when I embarrassed you by displaying my affection publicly. I hope you don’t take offense, and instead, choose to apply this motherly wisdom to your life.

So, here is the list of things that I want you to know:

1. Learn To Say ‘No’

You can either say it in your head or utter it out loud. You can express it with your actions or simply walk away. You can always choose to say it in the manner you feel comfortable. But, just make sure to say NO. Say it when you feel disrespected. Say it if you are touched inappropriately. Say it every time you get less than what you deserve. Also, ensure that the person you say ‘no’ to, hears it loud and clear.

2. You Are Beautiful. Let No One Tell You Otherwise

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Yes, appearance makes a difference. But, do not make it the sole focus of your life. Spend enough time on your looks to feel confident. Spend more time working on being a beautiful human being. Be the person that others like being around. Remember, it is essentially your behavior and words that shape your personality.

3. Accept Your True Self

Learn to embrace who you truly are. It is important to feel confident and stay real with others around you. Know that the real ‘you’ is awesome. Do not hide her from others, and let others discover her.

4. Choose Who You Surround Yourself With

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Choose your friends wisely. It is essential to surround yourself with companions who can encourage and support you. Be friends with those who truly know you or at least make an effort to understand you. Bond with people who make you laugh like crazy and stand by you when you shed tears.

5. Give In To Your Indulgence

Shop till you drop, eat your favorite chocolate, use the fancy dishes, light the scented candle – do all of it if it makes you happy. You might be the only person who enjoys it. But, don’t let that stop you. Just do it!

6. You Don’t Always Have To Be Nice

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If someone misbehaves with you, do not just sit there and let it happen. Take a stand for yourself. Lose your cool if necessary, but ensure that the other person knows his/her boundaries.

7. Others Will Try To Tear You Apart

You will encounter people who will not be happy with your success. They will try to pull you down. But, do not let anyone hamper your spirit. It will hurt in the beginning. Keep doing your thing, and the outside noise will stop affecting you one day.

8. Seize Every Opportunity

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Don’t let any opportunity slide by and try doing everything. You might struggle with a few things or even be terrible at some. But, you will find your true calling sooner or later. The thing that you’re bound to be perfect at.

9. It Is Alright To Be Vulnerable

If a friend ditches you or someone breaks your heart, never hold it all inside. Vent out your feelings to them. Never shy away from crying, screaming, or just saying what you feel. Once you have expressed your feelings, move on and never look back.

10. You Are Your Own Hero

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Never look for a validation from others. You are the only one who needs to know that you are amazing. Even if everyone around you believes in your awesomeness, it does not matter until you do too.

Most importantly, remember that you can always change your situation if you do not like it. There is so much that I’d like to tell you. When the time is right, I will.

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