You Think Childbirth Is Not A Big Deal? These 11 Painful Truths Will Change Your Mind

It’s good to prepare yourself for the most important event in your life called childbirth. Yet there might be a number of things people might miss to tell you. Just in case you want to know more about what to expect in the delivery room, here are a few truths about childbirth:

1. You Might Not Have The Same Doc Present At Your Visits

Your doctor predicted the due date, but he didn’t promise you that he will be present once you show the symptoms. There is a reason: he and his colleagues rotate in shifts. Don’t shoo off the new doc. He too will win your trust soon once he delivers your baby safely.

2. Your Waters Don’t Break All At Once

Your amniotic fluid will not splash out. It will trickle. And it may keep trickling for hours. Once the amniotic sac breaks, the baby no longer has the protective sac around it. Allow no infections to pass in from the vagina. What you should do is go to the hospital to prepare for the next stage. If the waters don’t break, the doctor will break it for you. It’s not a painful process. Rather a bit ‘don’t like it’ feeling.

3. Childbirth Is Synonymous With Pain

Some women might experience period cramp like pains during delivery. But to many it could be intolerable. Every woman has a different pain threshold levels. What might seem excruciating to one may be less intense for the other. Apart from the contractions, it’s the position and the size of the baby, the speed of the labor, the mental makeup (are you focusing on the baby or the pain) that make a difference.

4. You Will Feel Like Pooping Out

Some women do this. But it’s cleaned out even before you can see it. Even if you had the enema administered, the feeling is likely because the little human inside is pushing and descending your nether regions that include you posteriors.

5. That Snip Called Episiotomy

Imagining the procedure will paint a gory picture. You are already in pain, and the doctor wants to cut the peritoneum to allow the baby to come out with ease. Thank him for doing that for you! You will not feel the pain as it is normally done under local anesthesia and is soon sutured off.

6. Hoovering A Baby

The baby may be vacuumed out with specialized vacuum devise in the second stage of delivery if it isn’t progressing well. Look for the little conehead of your baby that your doc might want to show you.

7. Push That Placenta

Once you have pushed your baby, don’t be surprised if you hear them say, “Just One More Push”. It’s not the twin arriving there. It’s the placenta that you must deliver as well. You got nothing to do with that mass unless you have planned placental stem cell donation. It will be taken care of if you have already registered or let the doctor know of your maternally philanthropic interest.

8. Handy Squirt Bottle Replaces Toilet Paper

Let the toilet paper do no scrubbing business, however, gentle or subtle it may be. Your doc advises of squirting warm water to clean the nether regions.

9. Not Only Your Baby But Also You Get To Wear Diapers

Figuratively speaking. You will be required to wear maxi pads or diapers packed with pads to get some relief and deal with post-partum bleeding. You may also be given gauze-like shorts to keep the pads in place.

10. Milk Trickles Not Through One But Many Nozzles

Just in case you didn’t know this about your nipples.

11. Epidural Is A Blessing:

No wonder most authorize the use of an epidural. It saves you from the hell that your contractions can take you through! Are there any bizarre or interesting facts associated with childbirth you would like to share with us? We will want to hear more from you!

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