7 Things A Wife Secretly Fears About Her Husband

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Your husband is in the shower and his phone rings. You take the call on his behalf and hear a lady asking for your husband. You sure will ask her name and the purpose of calling. Perhaps she is only calling to ask for her husband who hasn’t come home yet and as a mutual friend, your husband knows his whereabouts. Despite the truth, would you be worried?

Women are women. They are at their best when it comes to being suspicious. In spite of being blessed with a caring husband, you will secretly have these fears in your marriage:

1. Is he true to me:

If you are just back from some gossiping with your neighbor, it’s likely your mind is stuffed with negative thoughts about men. Suddenly you wonder if your husband falls in the same category. Has he been lying to you? Does he mean everything that he says? You will apply every probable situation that your friend described, which would mean your husband is not truthful enough. What’s next? You will be grumpy leaving your husband wondering what went wrong with you.

2. Did he marry me for money:

He might not depend on your for money, but when he asked you to chip in some money for that little investment or car, it will pull the triggers. Did he expect financial assistance from you at the time of getting married? Did he have your father’s bank balance in mind when accepting you as his wife? He might only be making some wise financial decisions, but asking you to contribute a bit will have you run amok.

3. Is he seeing another woman:

Why did he come home late? Why isn’t he at his workstation when you called up? Has he found someone more attractive? Indeed, when your husband is not available at an expected place or time, your mind starts weaving unbelievable stories. What’s worse is that you were only calling him up to check on him.

4. Is he teaming up with your mother-in-law:

Men could make good husbands, but they are better sons. Most men find themselves screwed up in the mother-in-law and daughter-n-law battles. They can neither stand by their mothers, nor their wives. They are merely stranded in a quagmire. But you will secretly think that he is probably conspiring against you with your mother-in-law. Just imagine the poor man being skinned alive.

5. Why does he want to take total ownership:

If he just purchased the property solely on his name, you still have a right to property by virtue of being his wife. Women folk can lose cool at this kind of proprietorship. They like to see their name written on the property deal. If he just made that registration on his name, he is not denying you the right to property. It simply didn’t occur to him that you had wanted it on your name!

6. What’s his agenda behind the sugar-coated words:

Too many sweet words too get you suspicious! Why does he have to utter so many of them? Is your commitment not implicit? Sometimes being too sweet also gets you into trouble. If only your straightforward husband knew that!

7. Why does he work on his computer so late in the night?:

Is he into some sort of an online dating? Why does he work at odd hours on his computer? While he might seriously work on accomplishing his tasks there, you would lose your sleep thinking about the frivolous contrivances.

Have you been there? Have you been wicked with these creepy thoughts? Share your stories with us.

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