Things All Moms Do That Make Us Love Them Even More

We all love our moms very dearly. They are endearing, sometimes obsessive and even a little scary at times, but they mean well and will do anything for us. Usually, people think that every household is different, and it’s true. But after you’ve had a conversation with your friends, you’ll realize that there are some things that all moms do that make us love them more. No matter which culture you come from or where you were raised, moms everywhere do very specific things to show us that they care for us no matter how old we are. And that’s amazing! so, do you want to appreciate your mom by looking at some of the things she does for you? Then keep on reading!

1. They Are Obsessed With Feeding You

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Remember when your mom used to make you hot healthy meals everyday? Kids who have moved out of their parents’ place or don’t live close to their mother would do anything for a tupperware of her delicious recipes now. Our moms put so much thought into personalizing meals for us so that we’d eat healthy delicious meals. And although we took that for granted, we sure don’t anymore. But not to worry, every child knows if ever they visit their mom, they’re coming home with a stock full of their favorite dishes for the next few weeks. Moms can’t help but fuss over their kids even when they are all grown up. And they’ll always want to feed us well. That’s just another reason for us to adore them!

2. They Know How To Calm You Down

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To your mother it doesn’t matter if you’re 5 and throwing a tantrum, 15 and having a hard time at school or 25 and making a tough life decision. You can always count on your mom to sit with you and help you through it. As you grow older, it’s hard to find people that you can trust and who can genuinely help you when you’re at the crossroads. But moms have your back. They are there to suppose you, listen to you and give you some insight into what would be the best decision for you. Because they have always wanted the best for their child. Even if it’s not necessarily what they want. So, be it moving to a different country, buying a house or switching jobs. If you’ve got a stressful decision to make, you can count on mom to calm you down and help you see things through.

3. They Try To Be Tech Savvy For You

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Let’s face it, a lot of our parents didn’t grow up with technology and had to learn how to use it as it became a necessity. However, this means that they’re not exactly naturals at all things tech. But they still make an effort to stay relevant for you. They text you, even if it’s just with their index finger and send you random emojis just to get your attention. They try to keep up with all the new apps so that they have something to talk to you about. And they call you, a lot. And god forbid you don’t pick up, you will receive a million messages asking if you’re safe and well. Sure, this can seem annoying at the moment. But these are the things that show us that our moms care for us and always want us to stay connected. Isn’t that adorable?

4. They Are Extra Cautious

She’s the one who checks if all the lights are off and if the appliances are unplugged before heading out on a long vacation. She makes sure there’s an emergency kit in case of an accident. She’s got your allergy medicine, sunscreen and a million things you probably hadn’t even thought about. And most of the time you wonder if she stole her bag from Marry Poppins. But that’s what makes us love her all the more. Moms usually come in clutch to save the day because they prepared ahead. And once you’re all grown up, they ensure you are too by making sure you have everything you need in your apartment.

5. They Ask For Nothing In Return

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Moms are the most altruistic selfless people on the planet. They always put their kids first and ask for nothing in return. Have you ever asked your mother what she wanted for her birthday or Christmas, only for her to answer with “nothing”. Moms rarely ask anything of their kids other than the opportunity to spend time with them and love them. And that is truly special.

No one will ever love you like your mother does. But moms also do so many things that make us love and appreciate them a little more everyday. So, what do you love most about your mom? Let us know in the comments section!

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